How To Calculate Occupant Load


Calculating Occupant Load for an Assembly Occupancy 1/27/2010 Using the 2000 NFPA Life Safety Code Page 1 CALCULATING OCCUPANT LOAD FOR AN ASSEMBLY OCCUPANCY USING THE 2000 NFPA LIFE SAFETY CODE Illinois OSFM ...

Occupant Load

Occupant Load The occupant load of a building is the total number of persons that might occupy a building or portion there of. Occupant load requirements from the Life Safety Code vary based upon the type of occupancy.

Title: Calculating Occupant Load

While it is possible that the fire code calculation may exceed the building code designed occupant load, the intent is not to calculate an occupant load for a floor area, ...

Occupant Load Calculations for Liquor Licensed Establishments

Using Items 1-3 on page 1 of this document as a checklist, calculate the occupant load, number of washrooms required and exit capacity. Existing licensed capacity persons Floor area ...

California State Fire Marshal

Is the maximum occupant load based on the use (Table 10-A) or can extra exits allow for an increase in occupant load? Refer to question # 2 ...


•Facility without fixed seating: Calculate the occupant load for the event area based on Table 10-A of LACBC and determine the number of plumbing fixtures according to Table 4-1 of LACPC under "assembly places for public use."

Allowable Number of Students in a Classroom

square feet per person that must be used to calculate the “occupant load” of a room. However, this “occupant load” does not represent the maximum allowable number of occupants that can ever occupy

Guideline - Occupant Load

GUIDELINES - 1 - Occupant Load No. 04-01 Scope This guideline explains the provisions for occupant loads in the BC Building Code and the BC Fire Code.


Not all figures in Table are appropriate to calculate an operational occupant load for an assembly space. The categories and numbers from the ABC table are intentionally being used for a different purpose under the AFC.


Calculate the occupant load for the existing building prior to the addition or alteration. 2. Determine the required number of fixtures for the existing building from the applicable table in the plumbing code or this Information Bulletin. 3.

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