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Wound Complications After Hip Surgery Using a Tapeless ...

1 Wound Complications After Hip Surgery Using a Tapeless Compressive Support Gloria J. Hahn ♦ Dee Grant ♦ Cheryl Bartke JoLynn McCartin ♦ Ronald M. Carn Purpose: To compare the incidence of wound complications after hip surgery in patients treated with a compressive spica wrap dressing to ...



A hip spica (a strap that wraps around the hip) or compression shorts are commonly prescribed in order to reduce the strain on the muscle(s). Your family physician or a sports medicine physician may recommend the use of over-the-counter or prescription anti-inflammatories in order to reduce the inflammation ...


The Sports Medicine Specialists

Groin Strain Rehabilitation Phase I A. Ice massage with hip abducted and externally rotated as far as possible. Perform before and after exercise and as often as possible between exercise sessions. B. Mild hip spica compression wrap for initial 48 - 72 hours.


Hip Spica Body Cast

Hip Spica Body Cast Introduction To The Hip Spica Body Cast 4480 Oak Street, Vancouver BC, V6H 3V4 604-875-2345 1-888-300-3088 website: www.bcchildrens. ca ... Set the loose end of the plastic wrap into the pan to create a "runway" for urine and stools (girls may require a second piece of plastic wrap tucked ...


Caring for Your Child in a Hip Spica Information for Patients ...

Kaleidoscope Hip Spica Care - Booklet for Parents ... Try to keep their same sleep routine; wrap them as you normally would, pat them as you did etc...



1 of 4 The Johns Hopkins Hospital Patient Information HIP SPICA CAST CARE Pediatrics Original 8/10/07 Revised 12/11/07 What • A hip spica or body cast is used ... A long sheet of plastic food wrap may be placed inside the cast between the cast and buttocks and hung into the bedpan.


KSS Sports Medicine Competencies 2010 wholex

... the ability to select and apply preventative and protective taping, wrapping, splinting, bracing, and rehabilitative devices in order to prevent further injury WRAPPING Shoulder sling and swathe Shoulder spica Ankle compression wrap Knee compression wrap Thigh compression wrap Hip spica Elbow compression wrap ...


Orthosis Schedule

... Jointed KAFO, Stance Control, Metal Caliper Knee Orthosis (KO) KO-1-A Prefab A Soft sleeve/wrap (non-jointed) KO-2S-A Customised-Soft A Soft Sleeve/wrap ... Orthosis (HPO) HPO-1-A Prefab A HPO-2-B / HPO-2-C Customised B / C Pavlik Harness, Van Rosen, Hip Abduction Orthosis HPO-3-C Custom Made C Custom-made Hip Spica ...


Parent Handout for SPICA Cast Home Care 01-26-09

How do I care for the edges of the hip spica cast? You may fix the cast edges to keep them smooth. ... Place one end of the tape under the inside edge of the cast and wrap it onto the cast's outside surface.


Level IA (First Year – Fall Semester)

ATS will apply a lumbar supportive brace, and “Backplaster” sleeve g. hip and pelvis ATS will apply a hip spica / elastic wrap, compression wrap, and protective pad


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