Exaco indifferent in face of UN looting allegations

Exaco's involvement in the heterogenite business Exaco is one of the most significant players in the Katangese heterogenite business. The trade in heterogenite, a secondary mineral belonging to the family of cobalt hydroxides 1, has expanded dramatically over the past few years.


Cobaltic hydroxide in nature.

Natural cobalt hydroxide is CoO.OR, not Co(OR). as has recently been asserted; for this mineral the name heterogenite has priority. Copper, fre-quentlypresent, maybe in solid solution as (Co,Cu)(O,OR)OR, or maybe as finely divided malachite; for cuprianheterogenite, the nameschulzenite has priority.


Uranium Mining Legacy Site s and Remediation A Global ...

Case Study Africa : Legacy Site - Shinkolobwe, DR Congo Mining 1915-60; closed before independence Late 90s onwards: artisanal heterogenite mining July 2004 artisanal workings collapse and Ministry of Solidarity and Hum.


Petrographical features of malachite from Katanga as ...

(FeO(OH)), heterogenite (CoO(OH)) and chrysocolla ((Cu,Al) 2 H 2 Si 2 O 5 (OH) 4.nH 2 O). Secondary quartz is particularly abundant, in the form of coarse sub/euhedral equant crystals, microcrystalline deposits


Mutoshi Project

Kamukonko Mining Lease Joint venture partner Emikosprl discovered high-grade (2%-4%) oxide cobalt mineralizati on (heterogenite) in the Kamukonko Mining Leaseapproximately 10kmsouth-east of Kolwezicity.


Social impacts of artisanal cobalt mining in Katanga ...

Although pure heterogenite (i.e. cobalt oxyhydroxide) have cobalt contents as high as 56%, what the diggers call “heterogenite” is actually mixed with other oxides and carbonides of Cu, Fe, Mn and Si rocks (Vanbrabant et al. 2009).


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muscovite occur together with the black heterogenite ? mineral. The heterogenite appears to be secondary in nature.cutting through the rock. The heterogenite also occurs within



EXISTING IMPACTS 5.1 Mine-ore (heterogenite) washing in Kisankala River 5.1.1 Background The most severe existing anthropogenic impact on the Kisankala River found in this study was due to the extensive washing of raw mining ore (heterogenite) by the artisanal miners.


Comment gérer l'hétérogénéité par le travail en groupe ?

1 Auteur : SATGER Olivier I.U.F.M Académie de Montpellier Site de Perpignan Comment gérer l'hétérogénéité par le travail en groupe ?



selectively mine high-grade oxides (heterogenite) for direct shipment to buyers and smelters in South Africa and overseas. Oxides containing plus 5


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