Peter R. Berg

Assembled shows and did final layback/QC. skills • Familiar and proficient with most video decks and formats (HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, D5, DVCPRO-HD, P2, HDV, Digibeta, BetaSP, DVCAM, mini-DV.)


Ford Star Training Facilities

WhistleStop welcomes the XPRI This summer WhistleStop Productions Inc. is creating TSN's first ever independently produced sports series using Sony's HDCAM 1080i format and the Sony XPRI high definition nonl inear workstation.



ASSISTANT EDITING _____ FEATURES The Bachelor King 3D (feature - Documentary) Edit Assistant 3D Atlantic Productions Prod: Sias Wilson FeatureSept 11 Foster (feature - family) Assistant Editor HDCAM SR Kintop Pictures Dir: Jonathan Newman Prod: Deepak ...



... audio monitor 2 -RTS KP-12 ICM panels with cam iso 2 - EKP-20P intercom exp panels 3 - Sony BKS-R3209 router panels 2 - Astro SC-7033 Standard Converters 6 - DPS-470 frame synchronizer 2 - Sony HD Down-converters • VIDEOTAPE • Up to 16 Video Tape Recorders: Sony SRW5500 HDCAM /HDCAM SR Sony HDW-F500 HDCAM ...


REGULATIONS International Competition Participation of ...

Films can be screened in HDCAM and HDCAM SR in the two theatres within the Maison de la Culture. In this case, a HDCAM or HDCAM SR copy must be sent in addition to the 35mm or Beta copy.


CPC Post Production Closed Captioning & Subtitling Rates

Additional Services Encoding Captions/Subtitles to Tapes 20 min 30 min 60 min Beta SP $25 $35 $60 DVCam$20 $30 $50 DVCPro$30 $40 $60 Digi Beta $40 $55 $80 HDCam $75 $150 $200 XDCAM$60 $80 $160 Includes: tape stock, one color print label & insert.



Two (2) copies of each commercial must be delivered on D5 or Sony SRW5000 or 5500 HDCam-SR. All commercials must be delivered self-contained, single-cut (no multi-cuts accepted).


Digital Delivery from Cinema to the web

DCI Spec: Bit Depth • 12 bits/channel, linear • most video formats have 8 bits • higher end formats (Digibeta, D-5, HDCAM SR) have 10 bits, film scans usually 10bit log • so instead of 256 gradations from black to white (8 bits), or 1024 (10 bits), have 4096 steps from black to white • need that ...


HD Television Production Truck

... HH Build-ups 2 GVG LDK SuperXPander large lens adaptor/7" viewfinder 1 GVG LDK 4607 master control panel Recording Facilties 2 Fujinon 72 x 9.3mm HD lens w/2x semi-servo & manual controls 1 HD EVS LSM-XT(2) 4 CH Live slo-motion system 2 Fujinon 22 x 7.8mm HD lens w/2x extender for hand held's Sony HDCam ...



... Genesis) - Sydney, NSW - August 2008 All Saints - B-Cam Operator/Steadicam Dir. Nick Bufalo/Ian Gilmour/Marcus Cole - DoP Matt Horrex/John Platt - HDCam (HDW750) - Epping, NSW - November 2006, August 2008 Channel 7, Crash Investigation Unit (Promo) - DoP/Steadicam Operator Dir. Tim Barrett - HDCam (Sony ...


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