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The old but classical definition of Harold Laswell (1936) says that politics considers the issue of who gets what, when and how. We do not need to trace the Greek etymology.


A Normative Turn in Political Science?*

Harold Lasswell and Abraham Kaplan, Power and Society: A Framework for Political Inquiry (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1950 ... To understand this point it is necessary to consider the definition of its primary subject matter, politics.


Introduction: The Nature of Politics and Political Analysis

Politics would seem, then, in the words of the American political scientist Harold Lasswell (1936), to be about'Who Gets What, When, How?'Clearly, of great importance here is the ... is ended through the overthrow of capitalism, there are no competing classes and therefore, by definition, no politics.


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Aristotle - man is political animal Baser: Watergate, interns, Enron Higher: Berlin wall, democratic Afghanistan Definition of politics by Harold ... who wins and loses Rules - the how in Laswell's model Procedures govern collective activity Institution - where politics struggle, not in Laswell's model ...


s methodology and theory which undercut his claim to

... and Liberal Realism," American Political Science Review, Vol. XLIII, No. 1 (February, 1949), pp. 17-37. 3" Harold Lasswell, Policy Scientist for a Democratic Society, " Journal of Politics, Vol ... to emotional responses conditioned by the individual ' s total life-experiences. "64 Values, by this definition, are ...


Lasswellian Policy Sciences and the Bounding of Democracy

Before we address the shortcomings of the policy sciences and its most recent manifestations a note on definition. ... "Madding Methods of Harold Lasswell: Some Philosophic Underpinnings," in Politics, Personality, and Social Science in the Twentieth Century: Essays in Honor of Harold Lasswell .



... they were overturning centuries of thought about political power, captured most succinctly by Louis XIV's infamous definition ... into the structure of authority in families, which they believed had led Germans to support authoritarian politics and social prejudice. In a similar vein, Harold Laswell ...


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Harold Laswell, founder of policy sciences, described ... definition of the problem (e.g., high physical inactivity prevalence ... The third is the role of politics and public opinion (e.g., state


747 Power, Politics and Global Civil Society

Harold D. Laswell, Politics: Who Gets What, When, How (New York: P. Smith, ... by the conventional definition (one shared by Locke and Marx, although


Chapter 2. Upon These Foundations: The Scholarship Context ...

In The Policy Sciences: Recent Developments in Scope and Methods, eds. Daniel Lerner and Harold D. Laswell . ... The Politics of Problem Definition: Shaping the Policy Agenda. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 1994, p.15. 68 Stone, Deborah.


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