Harold Klemp Cult


Harold Klemp has greatly expanded the work begun by Paul Twitchell. Under Klemp's leadership, Eckankar has been established as a growing worldwide religion with an emphasis on service to others and all life.


Eighteen New Age Lies and the Cult of Eckankar

Quoting extensively from the Eckankar writings of Paul Twitchell and Harold Klemp, they prove conclusively that the god of Eckankar is Lucifer, ... a cult concocted in its totality by the plagiarist and social misfit, ...



According to Joan Johnson, it is a cult: "Unlike traditional religions, the primary goals of most cults seem only to be growth and wealth" (7). ... Harold Klemp became the new Living Eck Master.


THE WHOLE TRUTHThe Spiritual Legacy of Paul Twitchell by Doug ...

... and has been quoted as an expert by the anti-cult move ment. However, int he last few years, David Lane has given up his crusade. ... Even Harold Klemp, ...


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