Valtek Auxiliary Handwheels and Limit Stops

Rev. 6/93 Valtek No. 49015 © 1998 Flowserve Corporation, Valtek Control Products, Tel. USA 801 489 8611 5-1 Valtek Auxiliary Handwheels and Limit Stops Table of Contents Page 1General information 2Installation 2Side-mounted handwheels, size 25 and 50 (linear actuators) 3Side-mounted handwheels ...


Jergens Master Catalog 2009- Handwheels, Knobs and Handles

8 HANDWHEELS www.jergensinc.com 8.1 HANDWHEELS Aluminum Angular Solid Handwheel ..... 8.2 Aluminum Angular Spoked Handwheel ... 8.2 Aluminum Finger Wheel ..... 8.10 Cast Angular Spoked Handwheel ..... 8.3 Cast Iron Angular Spoked Handwheel ..... 8.2 ...


Electronic Handwheels

60 Electronic Handwheels Subject to technical modifications; no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information. Devices supplied may vary slightly from the illustration in the catalog.


Spring Return Handle Options

Oval Safety Handwheels Oval safety handwheels are available on Cam-Tite Ball Valves 1/2" through 2". These handwheels are used where the standard hand levers could be accidentally bumped open or closed.



Table of contents 3 Front plate for Handwheel HKD 24 Dials for HKD, HWD, HWE and HWF 25 Accessories Suggestions for Counting the Handwheel Pulses 26 Index 28 Appendix General 4 Magnetic Detent Mechanism 5 Mechanical Detent Mechanism 6 Handwheels with Magnetic Detent HKD Design 100 Detent Positions per Revolution 8 HKC ...


FAGOR Electronic Handwheels

FEATURES Pulse generator: - 24 Volts (10-30 Vdc) - 25 pulses / turn (model HBA-072915). - 5V differential TTL - 100 pulses / turn (model HBA-072914).


Handwheels and Mechanical Position Indicators

2 Looking hardly distinguishable from conventional handwheels, these precision measuring instrum ents combine reliable technology and ergono-mical design.



5 HANDWHEELS www.jergensinc.com 5.7 Phone 800-537-4367 or +1 216-486-5540 • Fax: +1 216-481-6193 • E-mail: [email protected] com • www.jergensinc.com Plastic Solid Handwheel With Revolving, Fold Away Handle ELESA Original Design This handwheel has a special spring loaded handle which ...


Adding DRO Handwheels to Stepper Motors

Introduction To install CNC stepper motor mounts on a Sherline machine, the handwheels must be removed. Sherline's digital readout system measures handwheel rotation and translates it electronically into table movement rather than measuring table movement directly; therefore removing the special ...


IM054 VL-C Actuator

Separate installation, operation and maintenance instructions cover 25 and 50 sizes as well as additional features (such as handwheels, limit stops, fail-safe systems or limit switches).


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