H6 Shaft Tolerance

Tolerance Table for Regularly Used Fits

... -200-150-100-50 0 50 H10 H9 H8 H7 H6 h9 h8 h7 h6 h5 D8 X7 U7 T7 S7 R7 P6 N6 H9 B10 C9 C10 D9 D10 D8 D9 E9 E8 E9 E8 E7 F8 F8 F7 F7 F6 G6 G7 H6 H6 H7 H7 H8 H9 H8 H8 JS6 JS6 JS7 K6 K6 K7 M6 M6 M7 N6 N7 P6 P7 x6 u6 t6 s6 r6 p6 p6 ... Reference Shaft Class of Tolerance Range for Shafts Clearance Fit Transition Fit Interference Fit Interference Fit Transition Fit ...


TOLERANCES AND FITS. Fits of machine parts - ISO 286.

For shaft tolerances, tolerance zones h6, h7, h9 and h11 are used preferably. Selection of fits - several principles ...


Shaft Fits Radial Ball and Cylindrical Roller Bearings

... Loads Shaft Tolerance Symbol Loads Shaft Diameter mm Shaft Tolerance Symbol (1) ... normally All loads One-piece housing General applications Heavy rail vehicles H6 Easily Radially split housing Transmission drives H7 Easily Heat supplied through shaft Drier cylinders G7 Easily (1) ...


23 +33 +14 +46 +17 +60 +31 +79 +50 +96 +50 +106 +77 +151

≥ < c9 d8 e7 e8 f7 g6 h5 h6 h7 h8 js6 js7 k6 m6 n6 p6 p7 r6 s6 - 3 -60 -85 -20 -34 -14 -24 -14 -28 -6 -16 -2 -8 0 ... +252 SHAFT TOLERANCE TABLE (ISO)


Linear shaft and support rail units

1 N=0.102 kgf Asia metric: g6 Europe Metric: h6 Max length: ... Shaft Tolerance Diameter (mm) Shaft Tolerance (um) Hole tolerance (um) ...


NTN Technical Information Series PDF's

Accordingly, bearing fits are determined by the precision (dimensional tolerance) of the shaft diameter and housing bore diameter. ... Shaft fit g5 bearing shaft g6 bearing shaft h5 bearing shaft h6 bearing shaft j5 bearing shaft js5 bearing shaft j6 bearing shaft D (mm) over ...



fitting of bearing and shaft shaft tolerance class ... to move k5 k6 light or standard load precise rotation possible to move js6 j6 inner ring rotating load quiet operation easy to move h6 h6 light or standard load in general, possible to move js6 j7 standard or heavy load as a rule, impossible to move k5 k7 large shock load ...



b. the shaft tolerance c. the maximum clearance d. the minimum clearance . ... specified by using a 75 mm H7/h6 hole and shaft combination. Table on next page shows


Dimensional Tolerance for Regularly Used Fitting  

2837 2838 H8 H9 H10 h5 h6 h6 h7 h8 h9 h5 h6 h7 h8 h9 Fitting Clearance Fit Transition Fit Interference Fit Clearance Fit Transition Fit Interference Fit Clearance Fit Clearance Fit ... Fixing the Rim of a Drive Gear and a Boss Together Attaching and Fixing a Bearing Bushing Dimension Tolerance of Shaft, Regularly ...


Works Standard SN 01.01 SPIETH Clamping Sleeves Series DSK ...

Works Standard SN 01.01 SPIETH Clamping Sleeves Series DSK – DSL Shaft-Hub-Connections for tolerance fields h5/h6


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