Greenleaf Classics - Earl Kemp: e*I* Vol. 2 No. 1

Starting with The Why Not (as Victor J. Banis) in 1966, I wrote a long list of books for Greenleaf Classics and eventually most of the other pulp publishers.

Recent Acquisitions by the Tretter Collection

San Diego, Calif. : Greenleaf Classics, 1983. TC Andersen Library Rare Books (Tretter) PS3552.O598 F2 1983 33. Borhek, Mary V., 1922- My son Eric / by Mary V. Borhek.

Obama’s “Sex Rebel” Communist Mentor

Davis's book was printed by porn publisher Greenleaf Classics. Writing an introduction under the pseudonym "Dale Gordon, PhD" Greenleaf 3. boss Donald H. Gilmore PhD praised Sex Rebel as "a non-fiction sexual self-confession, ...


You must make your room reservations by April 30, 2005, and mention the Greenleaf Center Conference to obtain the special rates of $149/$155 plus tax ... Repacking Your Bags, The Power of Purpose, and Whistle While You Work are considered classics in the career development field.


His first published novel, Coq Le Grand , was published by Greenleaf Classics in 1970, and in the following year he sold seven other manuscripts to several publishers of erotica.

Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives Book Collection

... London Freeway Press 1973 Amory Richard Song of the loon San Diego Greenleaf Classics 1969 Amory Richard Song of the loon London Tallis Press 1969 Amour Anne Clark Mrs Oscar Wilde London Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd 1988 Anand Margo The art of sexual ecstasy : ...

Summer 2010

Any of Flannery O'Connor ("a first rate brain and a first rate heart") try her short story "Greenleaf" ! 3. "Catholic Classics" by Dinesh D'Souza - (a four year college course of classics in a single book) .

Titans of Business, Investing and Financial Theory Britt ...

... Harris' List of Collected Classics (The Titans Series) Leadership: General 1978 1990 2003 Leadership On Leadership The Servant Leader Burns Gardner Greenleaf ... 10 Britt Harris' List of Collected Classics (The Titans Series) Overflow 1936 1986 1989 1993 1996 1998 1998 2000 2000 2003 2003 2004 2005 2005 How to Win Friends and ...

Classics in the Classroom: Designing Accessible Literature ...

Classics in the Classroom Designing Accessible Literature Lessons Carol Jago HEINEMANN Portsmouth, NH ... Editor: Lisa Luedeke Production: Elizabeth Valway Interior design: Judy Arisman Cover design: Jenny Jensen Greenleaf Composition: Argosy Manufacturing ...

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