Student Portal Orientation

Gradebook Student Portal Orientation Students at participating schools in grades 5 th – 12 th can use the Student Portal. Step One: Establishing an Account

PowerTeacher Gradebook

PowerTeacher Gradebook To get started, you must log in to PowerTeacher and then launch the Gradebook. How to Log into PowerTeacher 1. Open your web browser to our PowerTeacher site. 2.

PINNACLE WEB GRADEBOOK - Information Technology Services ...

PINNACLE WEB GRADEBOOK Teacher Reference Guide Information Technology Services 13135 SW 26 th Street Miami, Florida 33175 Revision Date 06.01.10

Schoolnet Gradebook Training Manual for Teachers

3 Logging in and Viewing the Main Gradebook Screen Principals must schedule classes before the gradebook will be available to teachers. Log in to Schoolnet through master login and click the Gradebook link on the My Schoolnet page.

The Focus/SIS gradebook provides teachers unparalleled ...

The Focus/SIS gradebook provides teachers unparalleled flexibility, supporting all kinds of grading scales and grade weighting setu ps. At the same time, grades from the gradebook flow seamlessly in real-time to other parts of the system so administrators can run reports, generate report cards ...

Using the Gradebook

WebAdvisor for Colleague Student , June 23, 2010 61 © 2009 Datatel, Inc. Colleague Student Workflow Setup 21 Using the Gradebook Chap PubDat e-xr ef Chap Head In This Chapter This chapter describes how faculty can use the Gradebook to record scores and grades for students in a course section.

Gradebook Instruction Manual

Teacher Gradebook A guide to effectively using: ©2007 K12 Systems Inc, All Rights Reser ved. No part of this document may be reproduced in an y form without written permission from K12 Systems Inc. SapphireSoftware

The PowerTeacher Gradebook window consists of the following ...

i. opening power teacher gradebook ii. the basics to set up and start using powerteacher gradebook iii. navigating power teacher gradebook iv.


GradeBook Students can view their course grades in the grade book upon completion of assignments within PageOut®. Assignments are broken down by Assignment Name, Due Date, Actual, Possible, %, and Grade.

Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools Instructional Management Program & Academic Communication Tool IMPACT Gradebook Initiative 1 Overview Starting with the 2008-2009 school year, all schools MUST use IMPACT Gradebook as the primary tool for recording daily or period attendance.

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