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Types of Newspaper Ads in Nepal

The history of print media in Nepal goes as far as one hundred years back, established in 1901, the oldest newspaper in the country, the Gorkhapatra is a the pioneer of this century old phenomenon of the society.


Ensure benefits of tourism from dryland, says UNDP   [ 2006 ...

Its mission is to help its developing members countries reduce poverty and improve their quality of life Page 1 of 1 Print 06.06.2006 http://www.gorkhapatra.org.np/print.php?nid=1802


U.S. Geological Survey - 2009 Minerals Yearbook U.S ...

The Rising Nepal, 2009a, Gold trade dogged by price fluctuation: Gorkhapatra Sansthan, December 8. (Accessed May 12, 2010, at . http://www.gorkhapatra.org.np/gopa.detail.php?article_id=27861&cat_id=27.)



Progress Review of Sixth Plan Various projects were conducted during the Sixth Plan period for the development of information and publicity sector, including (1) Radio Nepal (2) His Majesty's Government Press, (3) Information Department, (4) National News Agency, (5) Gorkhapatra Corporation, (6) Ratna ...


Nepali Media

... www.euronepalonline.com www.ecs.com.np www.ekantipur.com www.francenepal.com www.freenepal.com www.himalkhabar.com www.globenepal.com www.gorkhapatra.org.np ... Nepali Media www.torontonepal.com www.weblali.com Nepalese Orgs websites: www.nefin.org.np www.nrn.org.np USA Nepalese Orgs websites ...


Kishore NEPAL

Tel ++ 977-1-474078 • e-mail: kishore@ntc.net. np Date of Birth: June 6,1952 Nationality: Nepali Education • Graduate, 1976, From Tribhuvan ... Institutionalizing Media Sector 2001-2002 General Manager of Gorkhapatra Corporation & Chief Editor of Gorkhapatra National Daily.


Analysis of Radio Nepal, Print Media and Nepal Television

... Promoting Communication for Equality P. O. Box 13293, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: 5538549/5546715 Fax: 5547291 E-mail: sancharika@wlink.com.np ... In Nepal Television, the percentage of women staff is 16% and in the state owned print media "The Gorkhapatra Sansthan", the national English and Nepali ...


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