Glibc Installation HOWTO

Chapter 2. Introduction In this HOWTO I will explain how you install a new version of glibc on your system. I wrote this manual because I want to save others from the problems I encountered.

Secure Programming with GCC and GLibc

Secure Programming with GCC and GLibc 2 Introduction ● Working for the Open Source Technology Center at Intel ● Used to work for urity Response Team ● Have been to Can SecWest once or twice ;­)

User's Guide for the Intel(R) License Manager for FLEXlm*

Linux IA-64 architecture (Intel® Itanium®) • RedHat* 7.x (2.4.9 kernel with 2.2.4 glibc or equivalent kernel and glibc), RedHat* EL3 (2.4.21 kernel with 2.3.2 glibc or equivalent kernel and glibc), SLES 9.x, RedHat* EL4, SLES 10 (and systems with equivalent kernel and glibc).

Developing an Application for the i.MX Devices on Linux Platform

should use the gcc-4.1.2-glibc-2.5-nptl-3 toolchain. NOTE At some point, the Linux kernel package of the BSP is required to be extracted so that the Eclipse can point to the contents of the Eclipse include

TUTORIAL : License Manager Installation

LINUX (Redhat 7.2, 8.0) is for GLIBC 2.2 or older. LINUX (Redhat 9.0, Enterprise) is for GLIBC 2.3 or higher. So make sure you are using the correct installation according to the GLIBC that you have in your LINUX machine.

Effective CWith The GCC And GLIBC

Avoid FalseSharing I Remember: not only obviously shared data between threads is affected-any data that is on the same cache line is also affected (false sharing) I Background: if a processor modify a cache line it "broadcast"this event to all other processors and they invalidate this cache line ...

Using MCF5329EVB NAND Flash to Host uClinux Root File System

glibc-headers 0 not installed glibc-devel 0 not installed libstdc++-devel 0 not installed

PGI® Server PGI® Workstation

To determine if Release 2011 will install and run under a Linux equivalent version, such as Mandrake, Debian, CentOS, and so on, check the table for a supported system with the same glibc and gcc versions.

April 2011 Linaro: A Year of Change - Linaro

Toolchain WG [2]  Scope  Core toolchain, gcc, glibc, binutils, gdb  Remedial work on qemu, valgrind …  Outputs  Stable integration branches (current and preview, now 4.5 and 4.6)  Upstream patches and reviews  Monthly tarballs

Instructions Document Prot. D-005 001-NXC-CII– Page 1of 16

Libraries required on the local system in order to install NX Client for earlier Linux versions are: ...

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