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Contents Introduction page 1 1 Anew century: from the genteel poets to Robinson and Frost 7 2 Modernist expatriates: Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot 23 3 Lyric modernism: Wallace Stevensand Hart Crane 49 4 Gendered modernism 72 5 William Carlos Williams and the modernist American scene 93 6 From the ...


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Some Historical and Cultural Contexts of Twentieth-Century ...

The Romantic Legacy and the Genteel Tradition At the beginning of the century the American poetry that found most favor in general circulation magazines, and in magazines devoted entirely to poetry,

Create an accordion fold out album.

I made this accordion album using the Genteel Ladies from Paper Whimsy, and some of the hybrid botanicals. I type out text from Robert Burns "Red, Red Rose" poetry in the Scottish Gaelic wording.


An examination of the characteristics of genteel and ordinary culture leads to a discussion of the religious, political, economic, and intercultural rituals in which eighteenth-century colonial residents participated and through which they forged their cultural identities.

Black Silk Mantle with Velvet Trim

It is lined with quilted silk and measures 30" long at the center back. Prepared for the North-South Skirmish Association Costume Committee. © Genteel Arts LLC and Carolann Schmitt - 2006.

New World Symphony : Dvorak in New York and Boston

The intellectual life of the late Gilded Age is said to exemplify a "genteel tradition" -- another pejorative term, coined George Santayana. Santayana disdained genteel custodians of culture as deluded Germanic idealists, "grandmotherly in that sedate, spectacled wonder with which [they] gazed at this ...

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This is a sort of reverse urban blight case, with the twist that instead of bars and nightclubs being treated as blighting their more genteel environs, the church is treated as blighting the bar and nightclub district.

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A primafacieimplausi-bleclaim delivered in a manner which \...inspiresa justcondence" by someone with the genteel virtues of\integrity and disinterestedness" (212) will geta better hearing than the same claim delivered ina boastful, wonder-mongering, pedantic, or otherwise indecorous manner (221) or if it ...

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