A Reformation Debate-- John Calvin and Jacopo Sadoleto

In 1539, taking advantage of the confusion in Geneva, Roman Catholic Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto wrote an exhaustive letter to the leaders of Geneva, lambasting the Reformers and laying before the Genevans the case for their city to return to the Roman Catholic side.


Last fiscal year, approx. 226 Genevans requested counseling services and crisis intervention services, or, approximately 27% of all clients served by the agency.

Calvin and the poor

Private charity was discouraged since the Genevans believed that it was the duty of society as a whole to glorify God. This duty included eliminating poverty.

Learning Event Lesson Plan Form – Draft A

If an objective applies to only certain students write the name(s) of the student(s) to whom it applies.) 1)The student will be able to identify perspectives of different Genevans during the Calvinist Reformation 2) The student will be able to respond and interpret Hamlet quotes.

Theme: Our Calling in Christ

Directed by Dr. Robert Copeland, professor of music at Geneva College and director of the Genevans. Bible Quiz teams: Sign up with Marilyn Russell, quiz master, at [email protected] or 607-865-5356.

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Every Story Counts: Everyday Stories from Everyday Genevans is a program offered in partnership with StoryCorps. In celebration of Geneva’s 175th anniversary StoryCorps helped Genevans collect local oral history interviews.


In FY2006 the agency provided services for 43 Genevans compared to 33 Genevans the prior year. Alcohol and marijuana continue to be the drugs of choice.

The Spread of Protestantism and the Catholic Response

oversee Genevans' moral life and doctrinal purity. C. maintain close ties with German princes. D. operate as a court. Name ***** Date ***** Class ***** Score Chapter 12 Section Quiz 12-4 Column B A. annul B. the reprobate C. ...

The Geneva School Revisited

Convinced that "the most challenging task of creative research is to invent means of describing and explaining each unique configuration" ("Inching" 245), Gruber, like the Genevans, sought always to study the entire creative output of a subject, not only published an unpublished books, essays, journals ...

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and Every Story Counts where Genevans share oral histories of Geneva, done in a partnership with StoryCorps. Plus a special display about the 100th Anniversary of Swedish Day at Good

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