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Dr. Thomas L. Constable HISTORICAL BACKGROUND - Notes on

2 Dr. Constable's Notes on Galatians 2012 Edition The more popular view today maintains that Paul wrote to the churches located in the Roman province of Galatia that he founded on his first missionary journey (cf. Acts

Who Were Paul's Opponents in Galatia?

330 Bibliotheca Sacra / July—September 1990 The two-opponent view holds that both Judaizers and libertinistic "pneumatics" plagued Paul in Galatia.

The regular meeting of the Galatia Community Unit School ...

GALATIA COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 SPECIAL BOARD MINUTES FEBRUARY 10, 2011 The regular meeting of the Galatia Community Unit School District No

The Epistle to The Galatians

North or South Galatia? The "North Galatia Theory" maintains that the churches were in the north, and that Paul had not been there until the beginning of his third missionary journey (54-55 A.D.; cf. Ac 18:23 ).

Four Cities of Galatia

68 ADULT FAITH CONNECTIONS LEADER Four Cities of Galatia During Paul's time, Galatia was a Roman province in central Asia Minor, now known as Turkey.


GALATIA and PAPHLAGONIA The Galatai (Greek for "Gauls") entered Anatolia (Asia Minor) as raiders in 278 BC and became involved in the rivalry of local Hellenistic monarchs, in particular those of Bithynia and Pergamon.

The Problem at Galatia

The Problem at Galatia T. David Gordon I. The Dominant Approach: The Problem at Galatia consisted of the Galatians mis-employing the law in a meritorious manner ("legalism") .

ACTS CHAPTER 14 - 3 cities in Galatia: Iconium, Lystra, Derbe ...

The Acts of the Apostles based on Chuck Missler / William Barclay notes and commentary Page 1 of 17 12/1/2007 14 Acts.doc THE FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNEY Acts.13 -14 o from Antioch, 15 miles up the River Orontes to Seleucia. o sailed from Seleucia, its port. o by sea to Cyprus preaching at Salamis ...

Revisiting the churches in southern Galatia

8.1 Life and Epistles of Paul. Western Reformed Seminary ( John A. Battle, Th.D. CHAPTER 8. THIRD MISSIONARY JOURNEY. After his stay of several months in Antioch, during the summer and early fall of A.D. 51, Paul set out on his third missionary journey.

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