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TurboTax for Tax-Year 2006 Preview It's getting to be tax software time again! Each year I look forward to finding out how tax software packages will make completing income taxes easier.

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GainsKeeper's Enhanced Short Sale Automation Ready Now for ...

For Immediate Release GainsKeeper's Enhanced Short Sale Automation Ready Now for New Cost Basis Reporting Law Latest Addition to Industry-Leading Automated Tax-Based Financial Tools Helps Brokerages Comply With New Cost Basis Requirements WALT HAM, Mass. - Oct. 15, 2008 - GainsKeeper ®, a part ...

FundTax Pro from GainsKeeper

FundTax Pro from GainsKeeper With StraddleTracker and ConstructiveSale Tracker FundTax Pro is a powerful automated tax reporting solution for mutual and hedge funds that includes GainsKeeper's new StraddleTracker and ConstructiveSaleTracker functionality.

Cost Basis Reporting Update

Industry Updates Cost Basis Reporting Update In mid-December, 2009, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed regulations that provided additional Cost Basis Reporting legislation information with regards to proposed regulations for Brokers and Transfer Agents.


FINDINGS OF FACT A. Plaintiff's Activities Prior to Initiation of Action In or about mid-February 2007, Brian Longe ("Longe"), the president of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (Plaintiff's parent organization) , became aware that three former employees of Plaintiff's "Gainskeeper" business unit who ...

Feb 22, 2006 Tax Questions Revisited hosted by Joel Blom

This helps save some money with GainsKeeper gwptra: brian - I also match trades and create Schedule D for a very active trader who has multiple accounts ... unfortunately - for me - he is sometimes long in one account and short in another account for a few hours or even a day ... fortunately GainsKeeper ...

New IRS Cost Basis Reporting Proposed Regulations:

New IRS Cost Basis Reporting Proposed Regulations: Analysis of the Details & the Impact on Brokers and Transfer Agents By Stevie D. Conlon, Tax Director, GainsKeeper, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Executive Summary

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Cost basis still begs questions

Some brokers offer a service called Gainskeeper, also from Wolters Kluwer, that automatically updates basis for corporate actions. Gainskeeper and BasisPro both use information from CCH Capital Changes, an authoritative source on corporate actions.

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