Fta Receiver Codes

Understanding FTA receivers

Quick Guide to understand installing a FTA receiver. By Tim Heinrichs, HSD, MRD CEO of DMS International February 26, 2006 Haven't installed your first FTA receiver yet, or are you a professional installing them every day?




Triax TX 10 / TX 10CI Satellite Receivers Satellite ...

Example - For a TX 10 FTA Receiver receiving Astra 2 / Eurobird: 1. To carry out a full scan: • Select 'MENU' / 'INSTALLATION' • Enter the PIN number, (Default is 0000) • Select 'SINGLE SATELLITE SEARCH' • Set the required settings • Select 'SEARCH' • A full channel scan will commence.


Sonicview SV-360 Elite PVR Easy To Use PVR Receiver

The most popular free-to-air (FTA) satellite in North America would have to be INTELSAT AMERICAS 5 at 97 west. ... At 11:05 the receiver went into Stand-By, with the harddrive still active.


Universal Remote Control

The remote is primarily used for controlling the Fortec Star Mercury II FTA receiver, but it can alsocontrol most of the popular brands of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, and STBs being used in North America as per the codes listed on the code list at the end of this document.


Digital Satellite Receiver - Triax SR 110 - Operating Manual

Special Function Keys 13 With the receiver you can receive unencrypted digital satellite programmes (free-to-air) via a satellite dish. You do not need to programme the receiver for the time being.


Programming Device Control (TV,VCR,DVD,FTA Satellite Receiver)

Device select button will blink twice after entering and saving all the codes. Device select button will blink only once longer ti- me if the code is incorrect. Programming Device Control (TV,VCR,DVD,FTA Satellite Receiver) FTA Satellite Receiver CODE TV CODE VCR CODE DVD CODE Button Table for FTA ...


General questions:

Sonicview Frequently Asked Questions: General questions: What channels are free-to-air (FTA)? ... For example, if you have a line going from your LNB to an empty output (no receiver at the end of the ... Each manufacturer uses a different system for storing preprogrammed codes, and as a result their ...



MASTER BIN CODES A Acc - 0786 Akai - 9009 Amstrad SilverLine - 3472 Amstrad CromLine - 0000 Ariza - 0786, 3749, 1668 Asterix/Digibox - 8175 Astra 3472 ... press yellow button - exit now your Receiver returns to 0000 Hyundai - 0325, 6962 Hyundai 1100 MCOM - 1004


Operating Instructions For 4-Function Cable Remote Control

Record Your Component Set-up Codes TV Set-up Code Number: DVDSet-up Code Number: AUXSet-up Code Number: For additional information about your remote control ... digital set top boxes (including HD & DVR) 002 All Scientific Atlanta digital set top boxes (including HD & DVR) 001 CE-LABS 164 EVOLUTION FTA 158 nFusion FTA ...


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