CUNY Transfer Admission Profile - Fall 2011

Four-Year Colleges. *Mean number of credits attempted is based on the total accumulation of all coursework at all colleges attended.

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1 CUNY Admission Application You are considered a general freshman applicant if you have completed high school/secondary school but have never attended a college, university and/or any postsecondary institution within or outside the United States since graduating high school.


As a freshman on campus, you'll have much to learn both in the classroom and on the field. Sharing these moments with your classmates and instructors is truly what makes our experience special at the


NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER QUICK REFERENCE SHEET Core Courses • NCAA Division I requires 16 core courses . See the chart below for the breakdown of this 16 core-course requirement.

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Before You Begin Gather your information Having everything you'll need in hand before you start your application means you won't be stuck trying to get a copy of your transcript on the last day.


NINTH GRADE (FRESHMAN) ACADEMIES/TRANSITION PROGRAMS • What are they (definition) • Why (research supporting need) • Evaluation: evidence of outcomes, effectiveness • Models, options, sites to visit Talent Development High Schools : high school reform program out of Johns Hopkins ...

Matriculated Freshman Class Profile

Fall 2011 Entering Freshman Class New freshmen 2,931 USC Mork Family Scholars (full tuition + stipend) 20 USC Trustee Scholars (full tuition) 140 USC Presidential Scholars (half tuition) 349 USC Dean's Scholars (quarter tuition) 107 Recipients of other USC merit scholarships 63 National Merit ...


LSU Common Data Set 2010-11 . Applications : C1 . C1 : 8,475 . C1 : 9,739 . C1 : 6,067 . C1 : 7,081 . C1 : 2,573 . C1 : 2 . C1 : 2,904 . C1 : 2 . C2 : Yes . No : C2 . X : C2 . C2 : C2 . C2 : C2 . Is your waiting list ranked?

Matriculated Freshman Class Profile

Fall 2010 Entering Freshman Class New freshmen 2,972 USC Trustee Scholars (full tuition) 146 USC Presidential Scholars (half tuition) 399 USC Dean's Scholars (quarter tuition) 121 National Merit Scholars 245 Scions (legacy students) 20% First generation college goers 12% Gender Male 45% Female ...

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2011-12 First-year Application For Spring 2012 or Fall 2012 Enrollment © 2011 The Common Application, Inc. AP-1/ 2011-12APPLICANT Legal Name _____ Last/Family/Sur (Enter name exactly as it ...

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