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For inquiries, please contact: Elections P.E.I. PO Box 774 Charlottetown, P.E.I. C1A 7L3 Phone: (902) 368-5895 P.E.I. Toll Free ... up the Polling Station Diagram (page 5) • Sample Ballot Templates (page 6) • Sample "Accepted" and "Rejected" Ballot Papers (page 7) • Oath of Election Officer Template (page ...

Designing Mark-sense ballots: 5 Simple Rules

The sitting incumbent mayor, Omar Bradley, was listed second on the runoff election ballot; his challenger, Eric Perrodin, was listed first ... Alvarez and Michael Traugott suggest the tests take the form of controlled experiments. 22,23 Alvarez offers a helpful template study of the butterfly ballot to ...

SAMPLE Official Election Ballot

TO VOTE: YOU MUST DARKEN THE OVAL( ) COMPLETELY. USE ONLY A #2 PENCIL OR A DARK PEN. SAMPLE Official Election Ballot STATE OF MISSISSIPPI January 11, 2011 Special Election Tuesday, January 11, 2011 Do not use a red pen, felt tip pen or a red pencil!


Return the completed ballot to: Florida College of Emergency Physicians Board of Directors Election Ballot 3717 South Conway Road Orlando, Florida 32812 Ballots can be faxed to (407) 281-4407.


LAW OFFICES WOLF, RIFKIN, SHAPIRO & SCHULMAN, LLP SAMPLE FORM Rules for the Election and Removal of Directors by Secret Ballot In connection with the election and removal of directors, the following rules and procedures shall apply: 1.


sample commonwealth of virginia sample ballot county of hanover general election tuesday, november 3, 2009 to vote: 1. use only the marking device provided or a black ball point pen to mark the ballot.


Please Vote for not more than three; Robert Axsiom Jane Lettich _ Carole Myles Name Name Name Ballots may be returned to the HOA by mail to 591 Meadow Sweet Circle, Osprey FL 34229 or may be presented at the meeting prior lo the election closing. Balloting is by secret ballot and the number shown on the bottom of this ...

Teachers: Use these ballots when students are voting in a ...

Microsoft Word - ballot.doc. ©2001-2008 Teachers: Use these ballots when students are voting in a mock election or classroom election.

Official Sample Ballot STATE OF MISSISSIPPI General Election ...

PAGE 1 OFFICIAL SAMPLE BALLOT September 7, 2004 Special Note (not to be printed on the ballot): Pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. Section § 23-15-367 (Rev. 2001), the order of candidates for each office is determined in each county by the chair of that county's election commission.

Supervised Ballot. Check this box if you live in an ...

APPLICATION FOR ABSENTEE BALLOT (Español en otro lado) ED-3 Rev. 2/09 You must complete a separate application for each election, primary and referendum.

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