Free Diphthongs Worksheets

Vowel Dipthongs - au, aw, oi, ou, and oy

Name: _____ Vowel Dipthongs au, aw, oi, ou, and oy Vowel Dipthong Word au haul aw saw oi boil ou out oy toy Directions: Write the missing letters on the lines. Phonics – “OY” and “OI ...

Name: _____ Look at the “oy” or “oi” word in each sentence. If the word is spelled correctly, write “Yes!” on the line.

Vowel Digraphs

vowel digraphs 2 Name _____ Vowel Digraphs Use a word from the word box to complete each sentence. Write the word on the line. Hint : Each word may be used only once. roof moon zoo boot too glue true clue noon tool blue due pool spoon room 1.

Vowel Patterns

(These can be copied from the letter pattern worksheets from Sound City Reading.) Purchase a small specialty notepad. ... free: speed. steep: flee. steed: sleep. glee:

Consonant Digraphs

... The words used on worksheets are not always the asterisked spelling words from students' Spelling Word List. However, all the words used are included on the list if students want to check them.

Speak and Read

Unit 5, page 42: Vowel Sounds: / ou /, / ô /, / oi / Some students may have diffi culty identifying and pronouncing the /ou/, /ô/, and/oi / vowel sounds.

Vowel Digraph Bingo

Cumberland County Schools Objective 1.01a - Vowel Digraphs (ai, ay, ea, ee, ei) F. Lesson Title: Vowel Diagraphs Curriculum Area: English Language Arts Grade: 4 Time: 35 Minutes I. PLAN A. NCSCS Goal 1: The learner will develop and apply enabling strategies and skills to read and write.

The Alphabet and Pronunciation Lesson Plan

... correct pronunciation • identify English/Spanish cognates • apply the 10 rules of consonant pronunciation • identify diphthongs and demonstrate proper pronunciation • define, ...

20 Vowel Phonemes / Graphemes

Phoneme (sound) Examples Graphemes (written patterns) Phoneme (sound) Examples Graphemes (written patterns) /a/ apple a /oo/ moon, screw oo, ue, ou, ew, u-e /e/ elephant, bread e, ea 'oo' book, could oo, u, ou /i/ igloo, gym i, y /ou/ house, cow ou, ow /o/ octopus, wash o, a /oi/ coin, boy oi ...

Blends and Digraphs Chart

Microsoft Word - Blends and Digraphs Chart.doc. Blends and Digraphs Chart bl br cl cr dr fl fr gl kn pl pr sc sk sl sm sn sp spl spr squ st str sw thr tr ch ph sh th wh Cherry Carl, 2007

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