Social Perception as Behavior Aggregation

B=f1; 1g N forthesetof behavior pro…les. There is an observer 1 who looks at the group which exhibitsa behavior pro…le*= (* 1;:::;* #N) 2B. Not necessarily all members of the group are visible the observer.

Partial order techniques for the analysis and synthesis of ...

As usual, we note 2 S forthesetof subsets ofS, ∅for the empty set, S×Sforthesetof pairs of elementsofS, and we write S 1 ⊆S 2 when the setS 1 is included in the setS 2.

REVIEW The Geneticsof Depression: A Review

... Waltherand Bader (2003) reported that a tryptophan hydroxylase 2 (TPH2) isoform (rather than TPH1, previously known as TPH) is the predominant form in brain, and Zill et al (2004a) reported that MDD was associated with 1 of 10 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (global empirical p.0051 forthesetof ...

Multi-AgentProgrammingLanguages,Platformsand Applications ...

are: R forthesetof relevant plans (fortheeventbeinghandled). Ap forthesetof applicable plans (therelevantplanswhosecontextare true). ι, ε,and ρ keeprecordofaparticularintention,eventandapplicableplan

A SAT-Based Algorithm for Reparameterizati on in Symbolic ...

Sets will be denoted by capital letters, as in Sforthesetof states, Vforthesetof state variables, I m forthesetof input variables, and Pforthesetof parametric variables.

Learning Non-Isomorphic Tree Mappings for Machine Translation

An elementary tree is aatupleh V,V i,E,',q,si where Visa set of nodes ; V i Vis the set of internal nodes , and we write V f =VV i forthesetof frontier nodes ; E V i ◊Visasetof directed edges (thus all frontier nodes are leaves).

When in Doubt, Do it Both Ways: Brain Evidence of the ...

The results of these studies provide some constraints forthesetof processes (and presumably bra in structures) at which conflict may occur, but fail to provide definite information about the actual processes or struc-turesinvolved.

Class 1, given on Jan 4,2010, for Math 13, Winter 2010

We will frequently write Rforthesetofreal numbers, and R n forthesetof ordered n-tuplesofreal numbers. Geometrically, we identify Rwithaline, R 2 with a plane, and R 3 with three-dimensional space.

The functors W and Diag Nerve are simplicially homotopy ...

If Cisacategoryand X;Y 2ObCareobjectsin C, wewrite C(X;Y) = MorC(X;Y) forthesetof morphismsbetween X and Y. Moreover,wedenoteby (((C;D))) thefunctorcategorythathasfunctors

The DAG -Width of Directed Graphs

We write"forthesetof finite ordinals, i.e., natural numbers. For everyn"", we write[n]for the set{1,...,n}. Fora set Vanda numberk"", we write[V]! k 3

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