Form Ssa 623 Ocr Sm

Social Security Administration Representative Payee Report

FORM SSA-623-F6 (9-2001) EF (10-2001) 4 The law sometimes requires us to give out the facts on this form without your consent. The information must be released to another person or government agency if Federal law requires the information for research and audits in order to administer or improve our ...


INCOME AND EXPENSES WORKSHEET Month and Year Amount of Social Security or SSI Benefits Received Expenses for Food and Housing Expenses for Clothing, Medical/Dental, Personal Items, Recreation, Miscellaneous Totals for Report Period $ _____ $ _____ Put this figure on line 3B of the Form SSA-623 ...

Federal Register /Vol. 75, No. 42/Thursday, March 4, 2010/Notices

SSA uses Form SSA-1588-OCR-SM to ask mothers/fathers about their marital status and children in care to detect overpayments and avoid continuing payment to those are no longer entitled.

U.S. Attorneys' Bulletin Vol 52 No 06, Social Security Fraud

Specifically, when completing questions on the SSA Form 623-OCR-SM, defendant _____ concealed her grandmother's death and falsely stated that she had spent $_____ for food, housing, ...

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