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Geology: Earth Physics, Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics (H) - Staff Notes Appendix 1 1 APPENDIX 1 - WORKSHEETS Masters for photocopying TOPIC WORKSHEET 2.

Deformation: Making folds and faults.

Deformation: Making folds and faults. The aim of this experiment is to find out how squashing (compressing) the Earth's crust can lead to faulting and folding of rock layers.

Title : Edible Rock Layers Level Time KERA Goals: 2.3; 2.35

But, the good news is we can build an experiment that simulates the movement and folding and faulting of rock strata like sandstone, siltstone, limestone, and shale.

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Refolding of thin-skinned thrust sheets by active basement ...

Suppe, J. S., Chou, G. T., and Hook, S. C., 1992, Rates of folding and faulting determined from growth strata, in McClay, K. R., ed., Thrust Tectonics: London, Chapman and Hall, p. 105-122.

Convergent Plate Boundaries

The single most distinctive feature of the rocks at a convergent plate margin is their structural deformation by folding and faulting.

Map of Huntley Quarry Geological Reserve:

HUNTLEY QUARRY GEOLOGICAL RESERVE: KS3 PUPIL WORKSHEETS GLOUCESTERSHIRE GEOLOGY TRUST KS3 Worksheet: Teachers' Version Map of Huntley Quarry Geological Reserve: ... the folding and b. the faulting.

Use the information provided and the "National Dinosaur ...

Folding and Faulting. Sometimes rocks are reshaped as a result of movement. This can be seen when rock layers are not simple straight layers or no longer match up.


Determine when the normal sequence of rock formation in an area has been changed due to forces such as faulting, erosion, folding, tilting, and intrusions. 3.

Introduction to Rock Layers - Steno's Laws of Stratigraphy

Materials • Rock wall or pictures of a rock wall • Paper models of rock layers • Tape • Pencils • Student worksheets Teacher Preparation 1) ... Explain that folding, faulting and uplifting can rearrange the rock layers so the youngest is not always found on top.

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