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Installation Instructions

Introduction This manual covers the installation and operation of Flowserve Seal Support Systems for dual unpressurized (API Plan 52/ANSI Plan 7352) and dual ... The buffer fluid is contained in the seal pot which is vented to a flare, thus maintaining the buffer fluid pressure close to ...


FTA160 Piping Plan Flip Book

Flowserve's Flow Solutions Division recognizes one of the most effective ways to achieve long, uninterrupted mechanical seal life is to create a healthy environment around the seal faces.



Typical leak rates of about 45 drops or 2 1 ⁄ 2 cc/day will require periodic addition of fluid to the seal pot. ... Inc. EagleBurgmann Industries Flex-A-Seal, Inc. Flowserve Flow Solutions Div. Seal Group Garlock Sealing Technologies Greene Tweed & Co./Palmetto, ...


Auxiliary Seal Support Reservoirs Liquid lubricated, dual ...

Because Flowserve Corporation is continually improving and upgrading its product design, ... The buffer fluid is contained in a seal pot, which is vented to a


Please contact AESSEAL®Systems division for further details ...

Tel: +44 (0)28 9266 9966 Email: systems@aesseal. com "To check out mechanical seal flushing arrangements and piping plans, I have consistently found this to be the most useful and permanent pocket-sized document. ... Pot. Description External ...


Mechanical Double Seal::Antico Pumps

Flowserve double ROTT seal API Plan 53 - pressurised thermosyphon pot Seal Type ROTT Make Flowserve Inboard Seal SiC / SiC Outboard Seal SiC / Carbon Shaft Packing PTFE / FFKM Thermosyplon Pot / Cooling coil SS316 D B-V o l 1-1 1 / 2 0 0 8-0. 5 K ...


Standard flush plans for mechanical seal

Standard flush plansfor mechanical seal PLAN 01 See Figure 1. Integral (internal) recirculation is from pump discharge to seal. Recommended for clean pumpage only.


Seal Failures can Happen even on Idle Stand-By Pumps

Seal: 2.750" Single PBR Cartridge Seal Make: FlowServe Sanmar. Applicable pressure range 2 . The pressure limit of PBR seal (4mils bellows AM350 ply thickness) as per the PV graph is 15 bar.


Auction Lot # Title

... Unused Lot of Bronze Apollo 1.5 Inch Ball Valves Model 82-201-01 258872 1924 Unused Lot of WCB Gate Valves 258874 1925 Unused Flowserve Stainless Steel Seal Pot Part Number WS2344N2000 258875 1927 Unused 316 Stainless Steel ~200 Gallon Silvan Industries Vertical Tank 258877 1928 Unused or Rebuilt Lot ...


PRIMARY PURPOSE: To isolate the product being pumped from the ...

This pressure must be 20 - 30 PSI above seal chamber pressure to enable the barrier fluid to lubricate both inboard and outboard seals . ... This system is excellent for cooling the seal. 7) There is no seal pot to monitor or maintain. 8) ...


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