Determining F Floor Flatness and

Section 8 Procedure and Tests: (continued) 8.2 Lay out the test surface. 8.2.1 Divide entire test surface into test sections. (i.e. divide large area into sub-areas) Assign unique ID number to each test section and note locations ID Number Location Details 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ...


Building Flatness into Walkways and Ramps

A proposed specification using standard concrete practices for the constructionof walking surfaces that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legislation exists to create equal accessibility for all pedestrians, including those in wheelchairs.


Improved Flatness and Productivity at SSABOxelösund

55 NORDIC STEEL&MINING REVIEW 2001 By AndersCarlestam, SSAB, and Pär Kierkegaard, Shapeline AB Improved Flatness and Productivity at SSABOxelösund SSABO xelösundin Sweden has recently built anew production line for steel sheets witha thicknessof3-8 mm.


New Flatness Standards For Concrete Floors

CoGRI GROUP LTD New Flatness Standards For Concrete Floors The latest edition of the Concrete Society's Technical Report 34, the principle guide to the design and construction of concrete industrial ground floors in the UK, includes new floor flatness standards designed to improve the efficiency ...


Tolerances for Concrete Surfaces

These surfaces generally have to meet two independent tolerance criteria: the 'flatness' of the surface and variation from the designed elevation (levelness). n * Flatness .


A Mechanism of Post-Rolling Deterioration in Hot Band ...

60 Iron & Steel Technology T he evolution of flatness in hot rolled strip after exiting the last finishing stand through cooling on the runout table and during coiling has been the focus of several investigations. 1-3 It has been observed that flatness deterioration can be caused ...


Flatness & surFace Finish

Flatness & surFace Finish What are Light Bands? Light bands are formed by using an optical flat and a monochromatic light source for checking surface flatness.


Long-wavelength laser diode interferometer for surface ...

Long-wavelength laser diode interferometer for surface flatness measurement Peter de Groot Zygo Corporation, Laurel Brook Road, Middlefield, CT 06455 Modern phase-shifting interferometers grew out of a traditional need for high-precision evaluation of polished optical components.


Almen Holder Flatness Gage

ELECTRONICS INCORPORATED SHOT PEENING TECHNOLOGY Almen Holder Flatness Gage www.electronics-inc.com Holder Flatness Gage.pub 03/01/2010 999750  In-situ flatness check  SAE J 442  Satisfies Nadcap audit  Fast and easy to use How do you verify flatness of your Almen holder ...



o o o o Instruments for non-contact flatness measurement of precision-manufacturing surfaces with sub-micron accuracy. They meet the requirements for objectively working measurement tools for the production and quality control of sophisticated components, such as those being utilized, for ...


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