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Please print this ord er form and use it to: 1. Fill out a mail ord er: MAIL: Firsts P. O. Box 65166 Tucson, AZ 85728-5166 2. Use as a worksheet fora phone order to: (520) 529-1355 3.

It's All About the Jobs… and Gold

There are lots of topics to cover, so let's get started with no "but firsts." (Note: this e-letter may print out rather long, as there are LOTS of charts and tables.)

Sumerian Firsts

1 Wheel Carts Monumental architecture Water controls •Canals •Dikes •Reservoirs Sumerian Firsts Many areas of our culture today owes something to the Sumerians.

Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google to bring historic ...

ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð ऀð Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google to bring historic firsts to aviation Aviation's largest ever prize to be awarded at Moffett Field October 3 during exposition hosted by NASA ...

United ChUrCh of Christ firsts

Highlights of how UCC ministry has shaped our religious, social and political landscape

A Gift Basket of Wines to Celebrate Many of Your "Firsts ...

A Gift Basket of Wines to Celebrate Many of Your "Firsts" Together original poems © Celebration Ideas For personal use only, cannot be reproduced for sale Wedding Night After a wedding day that was surely great You can open this champagne for a late night date You can sip on the ...

Historic Surgical "Firsts" Highlight Mid Year at Trinitas ...

Fall 2006 page 3 TCCC Honored GNYHA Honoree page 4 Breaking Taboo page 5 Cancer Survivors page 6 NJ Health Commissioner page 7 Outstanding Volunteer page 8 Trinitas Residents page 9 Animal Assisted Activities Program New eCards page 10 We Get Letters page 11 Summer Camp Step By Step page 12 ...

Wyoming Firsts

First Business West of the Missouri River: In 1834, Fort William was erected at the confluence of the Laramie and North Platte Rivers by veteran fur traders William Sublette and Robert Campbell.


GRIEVING A LOSS: THE YEAR OF FIRSTS Grief is the response we have to experiencing a loss of someone or something that we value. The first year can be especially difficult because emotions and memories are raw, and sometimes unexpected things can trigger sadness.


Firsts As a leader in the development, design, and manufacture of sewing and embroidery machines, BERNINA not only represents precision, quality, and reliability, but is also known for innovation and originality.

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