2320 I NSTALLATION I NSTRUCTIONS Congratulations - your new Air Helper Springs are quality products capable of improving the handling and comfort of your vehicle.


Firestone Industrial Products Carmel, Indiana, USA DIRECTIVES D'INSTALLATION Félicitations - Vos nouveaux ressorts d'appoint pneumatiques Ride-Rite sont des produits de qualité qui peuvent améliorer la conduite et le confort de votre véhicule.

Splice Adhesive (SA-1065)

4. Product Data Sheets 4 • 18 EPDM Product Data Sheets Splice Adhesive (SA-1065) 1. Description Firestone's Splice Adhesive is a water-repellent contact adhesive, designed for adhering RubberGard membrane and flashing strips to metal gutters or in case of a tie-in to a bituminous membrane as ...

Understanding rolling CirCUmferenCe

Understanding rolling CirCUmferenCe Rolling circumference can be defined as the distance a tire travels in one revolution. Due to the increase in mechanical front wheel drive (MFWD) tractors in the marketplace, it is very important to understand rolling circumference when trying to determine the ...


3 Congratulations! You have just purchased quality tires from a BRIDGESTONE, FIRESTONE, or ASSOCIATED BRANDS dealer. To ensure optimum tire performance and reduce the risk of a tire failure, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC strongly recommends you read and follow all maintenance and ...

Installinga QuickSeam  Pre-Molded Pipe Boot or Flashing

Microsoft Word - 16_Firestone EPDM Geomembrane Installation Detail . 250 West9 6t hStreet | Indianapolis, IN 46260 | Telephone: 800-428-4442 | [email protected] | www.firestonesp. com Copyright©2006, Firestone Specialty Products.

UltraPly™ TPO QuickSeam Flashing

4 • 16 4. Product Data Sheets TPO Product Data Sheets UltraPly™ TPO QuickSeam Flashing Firestone Item Number: 5 1/2" Flashing W56TPO30T7 (white) W56TPOG0T7 (gray) 9 1/2" Flashing W56TPO30T9 (white) W56TPOG0T9 (gray) 1.

20 year Warranty Design Criteria for RubberGard EPDM Membrane ...

Slope Requirements Minimum 1/8" slope recommended to promote positive drainage. Firestone recommends a minimum of 1/4" slope. Acceptable Decks Refer to the Firestone technical manual for minimum pullout requirements.

FM 1-90 Wind Ratings with UltraPly TPO 120

DATE: April 1, 2004 TO: Firestone Licensed Red Shield Contractors Firestone Sales Representatives SUBJECT: New UltraPly TPO 120 and miscellaneous system changes FM 1-90 Wind Ratings with UltraPly TPO 120 You heard about TPO 96 in August 2003.

Technical Specification Guideline

Technical Specification Guideline Firestone Specialty Products 250 West96thStreet, Suite 100 | Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 | (P) : 800-428-4442 | (F) : 317-575-7100 | 2-FSSP-XXX-XXX 10/21/08 SECTION I -DESIGNCONSIDERAT IONS This manual contains information on lining ...

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