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Sauna, Sisu ja Suomi : Representations of Finland Among ...

1 Sauna, Sisu ja Suomi : Representations of Finland Among Finnish-American Women in Washington, D.C. by Emily Channell American University Anthropological Research Methods: Fall 2008 Professor Cymene Howe December 15, 2008 Abstract The Finnish-American community in Washington, D.C. is a fairly ...

Numbers and Finnish Numerals

Lauri Karttunen Numbers and Finnish Numerals Abstract This paper describes a computational implementation of the Finnish numeral system as a single finite-state transducer that maps inflected numerals to the corresponding numbers with tags that indicate morphological features, ordinality, number ...

HD Webcam C270

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Soapstone vs. Granite…

Mid-Atlantic Masonry Heat 170 Industrial Way Troy, Virginia 22974 888-544-5442 Soapstone vs. Granite… • Installation - Our 60 pound soapstone slabs can be handled and installed by the home owner, using standard wood working tools with carbide tip blades.

War and children in Finland during the Second World War

The Finnish children took more part in working life and voluntary work organised by non-governmental organisations than the English children did.

Finland: Environment, Society, and Culture

No prior knowledge of Finnish language is required, but you will learn new vocabulary along the course. Title: Introduction to Finnish Society and Culture Course Code: Course-unit value: 1.0 cu Availability: Annual Open to: Students of BA Finnish and East European Studies in their first year.

Phonotactic Complexity of Finnish Nouns

7 Phonotactic Complexity of Finnish Nouns F RED K ARLS SON 7.1 Introduction In the continuous list of publications on hishomepage, Kimmo Koskenniemi gives an item fro m 1979 as the first one. Soapstone Slabs for Countertops and ...

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Card index dictionary of modern Finnish: this has been translated into electronic form and contains about 2,100,000 words, including compound words, together with materials for a dictionary of new words and meanings (for 1950-1980). 19th century electronic archive: this includes unannotated texts of ...

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