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White Paper - Bayesian/Heuristics Hands Down

In this whitepaper we review traditional spam filtering techniques, and then detail the advantages of a long sought anti-spam technique called "URL filtering".

Macintosh, Mac, and Apple Remote Desktop are trademarks of ...

1 Chapter 1 Installing Remote Filtering on the Client Using the Windows™ and/or Macintosh ® Remote Filtering Client, and St. Bernard (SBS) Data Center cloud service, iPrism provides comprehensive Internet security for off-premises flexible policy enforcement and robust reporting.

High-Speed Dynamic Packet Filtering

High-Speed Dynamic Packet Filtering Luca Deri [email protected] Abstract One problem encountered while monitoring gigabit networks, is the need to filter only those packets that are interesting for a given task while ignoring the others.

Universal Filtering Via Prediction∗

Universal Filtering Via Prediction ∗ Tsachy Weissma n †Erik Ordentlich ‡ Marcelo J. Weinberger ‡ Anelia Somekh-Baruc h § Neri Merha v ¶ March6,2006 Abstract We consider the filtering problem, where a finite-alphabet individual sequence is corrupted by a discretememoryless channel, and ...

Blue-filtering IOLs: Glare, contrast, photostress

Contralateral comparison of blue-filtering and non-blue-filtering intraocular lenses: glare disability, heterochromatic contrast, and photostress recovery Blue-filtering IOLs: Glare, contrast, photostress

Filters for PWM Signals

It is often given the symbol D. D can vary from 0 to 1; 0 indicates that t=0 or that there is no ON time while 1 indicates t=T or that it is always ON. Page 2, October, 2009 Wagner: "Filtering PWM Signals" Rev 3

Statewide Information Technology Policy

Agencies using monitoring and filtering technologies must establish policies to provide adequate notice to state employees and third party contractors of what a state agency will be filtering and/or

Signal Filtering

Signal Filtering "% */4536.&/54 1 This technique note was compiled by ADInstruments Pty Ltd. It includes figures and tables from S.S. Young (2001): "Computerized data acquisition and analysis for the life sciences".

Filtering Large Fingerprint Database for Latent Matching

Filtering Large Fingerprint Database for Latent Matching Jianjiang Fengand Anil K. Jain Department of Computer Science and Engineering Michigan State University jfeng,[email protected] Abstract Latent fingerprint identification is of critical importance to law enforcement agencies in apprehend- ...

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