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Group Macquarie - Limited Result Announcement for the full ...

and foreign exchange Lending, leasing and margin related income 9% 11% 11 ... across FICC-related structured derivative products in Germany, S in New York and obtained ICE US membership allowing direct in

The Approach and Implementation of the Operational Risk Model ...

FICC EQ/FI/FoFEQ/ FI / Derivs / FoF Business Strategy & Buildout -Pre-Trade ... ding -Execution, trade capture, confirmation and settlement, margin and collateral

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The bank appointed David Sobotka to rep lace Os man Seme rci as the global head of the FICC group. ... ta ti veriskmanage-mentareaandits staff and lead the further development of the STANS system, the OCC'smethodologyford eterminingthe amount of margin de ...

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Barclays Capital quarterly top-line income Top-line income FICC Equities Investment Banking 2010 Top-line income (£m) 2,695 1,948 2,253 1,915 493 359 563 625 556 ... Margins in retail, corporate and wealth management Annualised NIM (bps) 2009 2010 211 Asset margin increase 14 203 Liability margin compression (22) 16

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This reflects USD19bn in writedowns in the Group's FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities) business. ... This is also the quarter in which we can see that the bank's interest margin has finally cracked, as it dropped to 1.3% (4Q07: 1.8%).

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