NECFemtocell Solution

NEC provides a complete end-to-end Femtocell solution for operators that includes the 3G Femtocell Access Point, Femtocell Gateway and Access Point Management system.


Femtocells Circa 2011: Surveying the Ecosystem Players

Analytical Summary This past March, we collaborated with Mobile Europe magazine on a femtocell market primer. Beyond explaining the basics of femtocell technology, the market drivers and would-be pitfalls, we ran a survey of vendors in the space in order to gauge their impressions around issues ...


Femtocells: Implementing a Better Business Model To Increase ...

A femtocell allows service providers to extend service coverage indoors, especially where access would otherwise be limited or unavailable. Source: Wikipedia, 2010.


Femtocell and Beacon Tx Power Calibration r1

February, 2010 Page | 1 Femtocell and Beacon Transmit Power Self - Calibration Chirag Patel, Lenny Grokop, Vinay Chande, Varun Khaitan, Mehmet Yavuz and Sanjiv Nanda { cpatel ,myavuz}@qualcomm.com ABSTRACT Femtocell power calibration is one of the key techniq ues for managing ...


UMA: The 3GPP Standard for Femtocell-to-Core Network ...

Why mobile operators are turning to UMA to solve the unique challenges of integrating femtocells back into the mobile core network


Femtocell Networks: A Survey

IEEE Communications Magazine • September 2008 59 0163-6804/08/$25.00 © 2008 IEEE I NTRODUCTION The demand for higher data rates in wireless networks is unrelenting, and has triggered the design and development of new data-minded cellular standards such as WiMAX (802.16e), the Third Generation ...


Femtocell Gateway

IntelliNet’s Converged Data Offload Gateway is based on an innovative architecture that supports multiple data offload solutions on a single platform.


The 2nd IEEE GLOBECOM Workshop on Femtocell Networks

The 2nd IEEE GLOBECOM Workshop on Femtocell Networks The 2nd IEEE GLOBECOM Workshop on Femtocell Networks (FEM net) , Houston USA, Monday 5th December 2011 (FEM net) , Houston USA, Monday 5th December 2011 Chairs Vikram Chandrasekhar , Texas Instruments, Texas USA David López-Pérez , King's ...


Mobility and Femtocell Discovery in 3G UMTS Networks

February, 2010 Page | 1 Mobility and Femtocell Discovery in 3G UMTS Networks Farhad Meshkati, Yi Jiang, Lenny Grokop, Sumeeth Nagaraja, Mehmet Yavuz and Sanjiv Nanda {fmeshkat,myavuz}@qualcomm.com A BSTRACT — Femtocells are low-power cellular base stations that are typically deployed indoors ...


picoChip Femtocell Overview

Macrocells are very bad at in-building coverage Poor coverage is #1 cause of churn Business case relies on high-speed data where people want to use it Femtocellscan enable this CONFIDENTIAL 10/10/2007 Slide 5of 19 Femtocells can enable this


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