Discount Information Sheet

Discount Information Sheet Company Name FEDERAL EXPRESS Company Web site WWW.FEDEX.COM Product or Service Offered EXPRESS PACKAGE SHIPPING, DELIVERY AND TRACKING Discount Description 75% DISCOUNT FOR PACKAGE SHIPMENT ($6 MINIMUM CHARGE APPLIES) (Includes FedEx Priority Overnight, Standard ...

10kg and 25kg Box

Terms and Conditions Fuel Surcharge: FedEx applies a Dynamic Fuel Surcharge which is based on the spot price per gallon of kerosene-type jet fuel.

UPS vs. FedEx

January 2011 | UPS TEAMSTER Update | 3 We often say that organizin g FedExiscritic alto our long-term ability tone go ti ate strong contracts for UPS Teamsters.


FedEx SWOT Analysis "SWOT is an acronym for the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of a firm and the environmental Opportunities and Threats facing that firm.

FedEx | Track

06/12/2007 01:37 PM FedEx | Track Page 2 of 2…nt&cntry_code=us&language=english&trackNum=857469706090&pieceNum= Select format: HTML Text Wireless Add personal message: Not available for Wireless or non-English characters.

Sender Information

Sender Information Claim Form For lost or damaged domestic or international shipments Recipient Information Shipment Information Declared value (The value declared on the shipment when tendered to FedEx) Declared value for customs (International shipments only) Merchandise value (Original ...

Motivating Employees with Learning

September/October Motivating Employees with Learning Over the span of its 35-year history, FedEx has consistently ranked among the world's most admired companies, thanks to theefforts of more than 290,000 men and women who work daily to make every FedEx experience outstanding.

FedEx's Monitor and PC Power Management Initiative Saves $1 ...

FEDEX'S MONITOR AND PC POWER MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE SAVES $1 MILLION A YEAR FedEx's Monitor and PC Power Management Initiative Saves $1 Million a Year

How FedEx Ground Tramples Workers' Rights and Civil Rights

Executive Summary 2 America's workers have fought long and hard for workplace dignity and a fair share of our nation's economic prosperity. With the help of leaders from the civil rights and labor movements, workers have achieved passage of vital workplace laws guara nteeing important rights ...

FedEx: Company Profile

Brochure More information from FedEx: Company Profile Description: This company profile offers a comprehensive analysis of the organization, its business segments,

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