Nibco Repair and Replacement Parts

NIBCO Replacement Parts Cross Reference Nibco # Phoenix # Description 70374 2601-4-1 Tub & shower valve sleeve 70376 N2601-4D 3 valve diverter stem 70380 2601-4-8 2 & 3 valve stem extension 70420 N801-2 Diverter insert 85501 P22 1/4 turn cartridge (hot) 85505 6-NP20 Installation kit 85506 P22LH ...


The Chicago Faucet Company &LEED®

Chicago Faucets Manual and Electronic faucets incorporate lavatory and gooseneck spouts that provide compatibility to outlet and flow control devices with flow rates that range from .5 to 2.0 GPM.


homeowners manual

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WaterSense High-Efficiency Bathroom Sink Faucet Specification ...

WaterSense ® High-Efficiency Bathroom Sink Faucet Specification WaterSense High-Efficiency Bathroom Sink Faucet Specification Supporting Statement I. Introduction The WaterSense Program is developing product performance criteria for high-efficiency bathroom sink faucets.


WaterSense High-Efficiency Lavatory Faucet Specification ...

Current Status of Faucets WaterSense estimates that currently there are 222 million residential lavatory faucets in the United States. This estimate is based on an assumed one-to-one ratio of lavatory faucets to residential bathrooms. 3 In addition to the existing stock, ...


Conservation & Sustainability

U. S. G R E E N B U I L D I N G C O U N C I L M E M B E R Chicago Faucets is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC has developed The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System ™, to measure the efficiency and sustainability of buildings ...


Faucets. Showerheads. Toilets.

2 Saving without sacrificing. It's bold. It's Kohler. We've never been comfortable with the idea of conservation as making do with less. Rather, we believe it's about expecting more.


washerless faucets2

Washerless Faucets These can be a single lever or two-handle type. Washerless faucets usually last longer than compression faucets, but can also develop leaks.


Joint ASHE, APIC, and SHEA Response to Electronic Faucet ...

We continue to encourage researchers and health systems who publish data on electronic faucets to validate their findings and work with professional organizations such as APIC, ...


Sloan Faucet SF-2300 Series Specification Sheet

u u u u ADA Compliant Automatic The Sloan SF-2300 and SF-2350 Electronic Hand Washing Faucets operate by means of an infrared sensor. When the user enters the sensor's effective range, the Solenoid activates the water flow.


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