Falk T10 Coupling

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Covers Two designs are available: T10: T10: horizontal split, allow aluminum...easily assembled...suited to reversing service. ... No disassembly of connected equipment - SAVES ON REPLACEMENT COST, TIME, AND WEAR OF OTHER MACHINERY *Falk Steelflex grid coupling used in conjunction with Falk LTG ...


Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling Selection Guide - Metric

With LTG, Steellflex combines the high torque performance of a gear coupling and the low maintenance of a disc or elastomer coupling. Falk ™ Steelflex ® The ... Select Coupling Type—To connect close coupled shafts, and to accommodate anticipated shaft misalignment, the double engagement Type T10 coupling ...


Falk ™ Steelflex ® T10

Falk ™ Steelflex ® T10 Applications include: - pumps - paper machines - general purpose Precision. ... reverse rotations 1.0 Typical Service Factor 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 Consult Rexnord Engineering Torque Demands Driven Machine Torque Max Max Min Coupling Lube A B ...


Falk "Steelflex" 1080 T10 Coupling

CLARKE CLARKE CLARKE CLARKE Fire Protection Products, Inc. Page 1 of 2 C131734 revA 03FEB06 MJD Falk "Steelflex" 1080 T10 ...


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EXAMPLE: Coupling Size: 1030 Coupling Type: T10 Model: B Bore: 1.375 Keyway: .375 x.187 3. Contact your Falk Distributor or Falkfor price and availability. PART NUMBER LOCATION COUPLING SIZE TYPE MODEL PRODUCT CLASSIFICATION SIZE SIZE& PART NUMBER SIZE, PART NUMBER& BORE SIZE PART NUMBER PART NUMBER 1030 T 10 B (6.) (7.) (2.)



(See Figure 4) Also see the Falk Steelflex Type T10 Installation Instructions sheets . Attach the coupling halves with the (4) screws and (4) PTL locknuts as shown in Figure 5.



1 1 - Oil Seal 2 - Cover 3 - Hub 4 - Grid 5 - Gasket 6 - Bolts 7 - Lube Plug T10 T20 INTRODUCTION T10 and T20 Taper Grid Couplig is designed to operate either in the horizontal or vertical position without modification.


How ToUseThis Manual

New Berlin, WI 53151-7953 USA Telephone: 262-796-4060 May 2004 Fax: 262-796-4064 e-mail: info@rexnord.comweb: www.rexnord.com Supersedes2-03 Falk™ Steelflex ® Couplings Installation and Maintenance Type T10 Sizes 1020-1140 &20-140 (Page 1of6) TYPET10 STEELFLEX COUPLING


Falk™ Steelflex® Grid Couplings

... that combines the economy and high torque capacity of a gear coupling with the torsional flexibility of an elastomer coupling. Backed bya 5-year lubrication warranty, Falk ... Type—To connect close coupled shafts, and to accommodate anticipated shaft misalignment, the double engagement Type T10 coupling ...


KOP-FLEX KOP-GRID Tapered Grid Couplings

213 T10 with Horizontal Split Covers Suited for multipurpose industrial applications ... Split Cover T20 = Vertical Split Cover T31 = Full Spacer T35 = Half Spacer 1 020 T10 Coupling Parts ex ... *FALK is a trademark of The Falk Corporation. *LOVEJOY is a trademark of Lovejoy, Inc.


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