Falcon Door Closer Adjustment

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www.falcon.ingersollrand.com 17 CL O SERS ... Latch adjustment screw on dogging devic e Blade Strike-Standard, Roller Strike-Option available on panic device ... DORMA 8900 FALCONS C71 FALCON SC71 DORMA 8900 PRODUCT F EA T URES 1 A pressure relief valve is a feature designed to protect the door closer from damage in ...


Falcon Electro-mechanical Swing Operator

During a power failure, the Falcon Operator acts as a manual door closer (Size 3). Door opening and closing cycles, including opening speed, back check speed, ... OPERATOR ADJUSTMENT.


Door Controls

are now consolidated under the Falcon name - with every lock, door closer and exit device backed by world-class service and support from Ingersoll Rand.


Falcon Locks Monarch Exit Devices Dor-O-Matic Exit Devices

Rim CylinderC951 Finish FALCON 1ea Door Closer SC70-DSHO Finish DOM 1ea. Armor Plate 8400 x 36" Finish IVES 1set Weather Seals 2525 Finish ** 1ea. Threshold 425 Finish ** 1ea.


Ingersoll-Rand Security & Safety Consultants Of New England ...

Door closers provide control of the door through adjustment valves. ... A door closer closes the door as required but with these valves and special arms does ... Falcon Monarch Dor-O-Matic ...



This will give proper tension for setting of door closer. (Fig.5) SEASON ADJUSTMENT: The above setting is suited for glass storm panel. For screen panel use, ...



LCN THE DOOR CLOSER SPECIALISTS LCN CLOSERS 121 ... IN 46208 317-613-8944 317-613-8302 FAX Customer Service 877-243-4830 877-793-6177 FAX FALCON LOCK COMPANY ... be available for job site inspection of major projects upon completion of the hardware installation work. 3.2 ADJUSTMENT A. Adjustment 1. ...


Door Control Section 4

... CORBIN RUSSWIN Non-Sized, Parallel Arm Door Closer Spring power adjustment in the field to accomodate many size doors. ... • Assisted Living • Hospitality • Retail • Small Office • Restaurants • Ambulatory care NEW FALCON FALCON.


Contents Five critical needs. One brand.

... steel pinion • Handed for left- or right-swinging door • FAST™ power adjust for accurate on-site spring power adjustment • Fast and accurate installation • Extra Duty Arm ... A manual door closer is used to control and close the door. ... Falcon, Monarch, and Dor-o ...



DOR-O-mATIC / FALCON SC 60 Description: ... The adjustable power shoe allows total closer power adjustment of 15%. ... An exposed double lever arm is the door and closer link.


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