Faceting Transfer Block

Facetron Faceting Machine

Facetron Faceting Machine Facetron is the product of years of research, development and professional testing. ... Adjustable transfer block eliminates clumsy and awkward clamps. • Acculign Index System: Precision index wheels with conveniently located index lever.


Learn to Facet with John Bailey

Faceting Academy 2010 Equipment and Supplies Listing REQUIRED Faceting Machine (bring your own) I recommend the Facetron as my #1 choice for "bang-for ... Miscellaneous Necessary Supplies: Loupe 10x Alcohol lamp (this type) Dops (down to 2 or 3 millimeter) Dop Block & Transfer Jig Dop Wax Superglue Alcohol (99% ...


Make Your Own Gemstone Faceting Machine

Make Your Own Gemstone Faceting Machine HOBBIES The art of lapidary-polishing stones to best display their ... and polishing laps, polishing powders, a selection of dops (tools) for holding stones, a dop transfer ... The ¼-in. hole in the upper block serves as a bearing for the lowering screw and should be reamed.



ULTRA TEC LAPIDARY PRICE LIST Part No. Description US List ($) ULTRA TEC FACETING MACHINES 1607.7AR Faceting Machine - Classic ... side Mast 4,480.00 ALL V2 System Packages Include: - Base - operates at 110 or 220 VAC - Mast - 96 Index Gear - Driptank - Transfer Fixture - Tabling Adapter (45 degree block) ...


User's Guide: GemCad for Windows

A shortcut for this command is the little transfer block button in the Toolbar. Another shortcut is Ctrl+T. The Copy Command: Custom Diagrams The Edit/Copy menu command is used to copy a portion of a faceting diagram to the Windows Clipboard so it can be pasted into another Windows application.



LAPIDARY PRICE LIST Part No. Description US List ($) FACETING MACHINES 1607.7R ULTRA TEC V2 ... 3980.00 ALL System Packages Include: - Base - Mast - 96 Index Gear - Driptank - Transfer Fixture - Tabling Adapter (45 degree block) ... Hold Down Rods (pair) 34.00 4424.1 Safety Nut 22.00 4426.1 Splashpan 89.00 2141.1 Transfer ...


The Petrified Digest Published monthly by the Ginkgo Mineral ...

Nov-Dec, 2008 The Petrified Digest Page 3 FOR SALE: Prismatic faceting machine. Extras include 8 inch 60-80 preform disk, 600-1200 disk, polish disk, (with 325 and 1200 liquid diamond mesh). Three index, 80-64-96. Also a 45 degree set, a transfer block, an auto curve w/two ...


Volume XLVI Number 10

Basic Faceting For Dummies By Don Dana INTRODUCTION: The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) defines a gemstone as a mineral that is worn for ... Carat scale Dops Laps Lamp Lint free wipes 45-degree table block Alignment tool (should be included with machine) Dopping transfer block LAPS: This is another ...



SADDLE BLOCK 5. MAST & MAST BASE 6. MAST BASE GIB SCREW (DO NOT ADJUST) 7. ... FAC-ETTE, the most respected name in faceting equipment, brings world-class technology to the art of ... TRANSFER TOOL A precision transfer tool is supplied with the instrument.



Faceting Instruction Book. A set of 15 dops. Water system. The complete Facetron machine. ... Made of brass and packaged in a sturdy wooden block for ...


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