Faceting Diagrams

Faceting of Σ 3 grain boundaries in Cu: three-dimensional ...

Faceting of Σ 3 grain boundaries in Cu: three-dimensional Wulff diagrams Yaroslav Kucherinenko 1,a, Svetlana Protasova 2,b, Boris Straumal 2,c 1 Geological faculty, Moscow Lomonosov State University, Vorobjovy gory, 119992 Moscow, Russia 2 Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of ...


GemCad User's Manual

GemCad can produce formatted listings suitable for use as faceting diagrams. GemCad is written in the C programming language and was compiled with Borland's C++.



The development of computer-generated faceting designs has brought a revolution to the presentation of cutting diagrams.


July August Cover

The design appears on page 50 in Diagrams for Faceting , vol. 3, published in 1987. I wanted to continue creating some relatively easy designs in different shapes to encourage novice cutters to facet a variety of shapes besides the round brilliant.


User's Guide: GemCad for Windows

GemCad simulates a faceting machine and shows you accurate 3-D views of the stone. GemCad understands symmetry, ... Even for diagrams that are accurate, ...


Descriptions of Gem Materials, Vargas

Item #: 42-058 $ 23.95 Diagrams for Faceting, Vargas These are collections of designs for faceting with a variety of difficulty levels-Item #: ...


July/August 2004

Nancy Attaway began by discussing several faceting diagrams from Merrill O. Murphy and Dick Ochsner and provided copies of these designs. She also provided copies of faceting tips and information related to faceting that cutters could include in their own information library.


Rude, Jarett (Yantras)

Yantras Yantras are diagrams that are compos ed of geometrical patterns that are used to visualize mantras and are claimed to be enc apsulations of a deity or power in tantric ritual (Sastri 628, Khanna 11, 21).



... F. Cariboo Years JA 1951Journal Articles Carving Binder 1 Var 1987C.R.L.C. Carving Tech./Jewellry Design/Faceting/Wirewrap JA 1961Journal Articles Casting Binder 1 JA 1962Journal Articles Casting Binder 2 JA 1963Journal ... D.L. Comprehensive Gem Diagrams MR 1191Moody, R. Concise Illustrated Book Of ...


Nomogram: A simple method for the transposition of faceting ...

By Clive Washington One of the first problems encountered by the beginner is the conversion of published faceting designs to a form suitable for materials other than quartz. ... It pays to copy or print a few of the diagrams so that they can be disposed of when they get tatty, ...


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