Numbers of Dolphins Exported from Japan (Mainly Taiji) And ...

Year Dolphins Exported Details Notes Grand total Countries bought dolphinsNumbers (Currently 100 yen is nearly 1 US dollar.) 2002 17 38,866 China 6 24,000 4,000 Taiwan 11 14,866 1,351 2003 8 34,298 China 8 34,298 4,287 2004 14 48,352 China 5 23,749 4,750 Taiwan 5 14,053 2,811 Philippines 4 ...


Record of Tobacco Products (Excluding Moist Snuff)Exported ...

Record of Tobacco Products (Excluding Moist Snuff) Exported Out of New Jersey Record of Tobacco Products (Excluding Moist Snuff)Exported Out of New Jersey


BG25 TCS Biomass to Power System Harnessing the Power of ...

carbon saving support subsidies on all the power produced whether that power is used internally or exported. Save up to 212 tonnes of CO 2 per annum.


When upgrading your TAPIT software make sure that all call ...

IMPORTANT When upgrading your TAPIT software make sure that all call accounting data has been exported before you begin the installation process.


China - Peoples Republic of

The next question is whether U.S. alfalfa hay exports will keep growing. The answer is positive. From January to February in 2009, there were 5,619 tons exported to China, an increase


M) applications, can be exported from Hyperion applications ...

Star Analytics Introduces Version 2.4 . Star Analytics Star Integration Server Release 2.4 introduces . a new way to extend the value of Oracle’s Hyperion applications within your larger financial data warehouse by unlocking valuable assets previously accessible only from within the confines ...


Rules and Regulations

This final rule revises §35.11(a) of the order's administrative rules and regulations by changing the minimum bunch weight requirement for grapes exported to Japan, Europe, and Greenland from one-half pound to one-quarter pound.


GAO-10-952 Defense Exports: Reporting on Exported Articles ...

United States Government Accountability Office Accountability Integrity Reliability Highlights of GAO-10-952, a report to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives.


Exporting GPS Features To ARC/INFO Coverages

Run aml to convert exported GPS files into ARC/INFO coverages. On IBM: make sure you are in the subdirectory/workspace containing the GPS-exported files (/fsfiles/unit/<district


SciFinder - How to Print, Save, and Export Answer Sets

If you did not select individual references to be exported, the entire answer set is selected, by default. Alternatively, you can specify a range of references to be exported


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