Expanded Notation Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan by Ashley Vice

Lesson Plan by Ashley Vice Lesson: Expanded Form and Place Values Length: 1½ hours Grade: 4 th Grade Academic Standards: É 4.1.1 Read and write whole numbers up to ... (Analysis) Have students show the number on their cards, write the expanded notation and prediction for the next number.


exponents lesson plan

Materials: projector or marker board, calculators, homework worksheets Lesson Plan Description: Engage : Begin class by playing “Guess My ... Now have the students look at these examples and rewrite them using a single e xponent: (4^5)²=4^10, write this out in expanded form, use the ...


Face Misidentification Lesson Plan

Face Misidentification Lesson Plan Purdue University GK-12 2006-07 T his material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation ... Example: In the first example, write expanded notation for the number five in base 2; begin with the fact that 5 = 4 + 1.


Plunge Into Place Value

Grade- introduce expanded notation to the students. Lesson 3 . Teacher Preparation- Draw a place value mat on a blank transparency. Launch • Review place value and identifying the secret number with


Expanded Form worksheet 1

Title: Expanded Form worksheet 1 Author: T. Smith Publishing Subject: expanded form worksheet Keywords: expanded form; first grade math; free worksheets; T. Smith Publishing; tlsbooks.com


Place Value

Standard form, expanded notation, word form, and the value of each digit will be investigated. ... If a supplement is created electronically, users are encouraged to upload the document to their Lesson Plans as a Lesson Plan Resource for future ...


Lesson Plans - Decimals

Have the students represent the following numbers using their charts, standard, expanded and word form. {5.698; 32.042; 8.16; 8.0016}Usea ... Wayne County Schools 21 st Century Instructional Lesson Plan Scientific Notation NAME: Subject: Math Date: Grade Level (s): 6 Standards/Objectives Addressed (NCSCOS) 1.06 ...


Mathematics lessons for Grade 3

There may be too much material in the lesson plan for 45 minutes, since this will depend on the class. ... • Represent the place value for whole numbers with up to four digits (thousands, hundreds, tens, ones) using models and expanded notation.


Math Lesson Plan 6th Grade Curriculum Total Activities: 288

Math Lesson Plan 6th Grade Curriculum Total Activities: 288 Chapter-"Number Theory and Systems ... Convert scientific notation to standard form. 6645 6646 67116 8 Compare Scientific Notation-Using the ... Read, write, and order decimals to the nearest hundred thousandth. 6676 6677 9 Decimals in Expanded Form ...


Lesson Plan Title : Rounding Decimals Subject : Mathematics ...

Lesson Plan Title : Rounding Decimals Subject : Mathematics Grade Level : 4 Overview : In ... and Number Relations Grade 4 Read and write place value in word, standard, and expanded form through 1,000,000 (N-1-E) Read, write, compare, and order whole numbers using place value concepts, standard notation, and ...


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