Examples Of Paired Passages

Echo Reading

Echo Reading By Dr. Barbara Walker Echo reading is a form of modeling oral reading where the teacher reads a line of a story and then the student echoes her model by reading the same line imitating her intonation and phrasing.


TOEFL iBT Sample Questions

Some passages include a word or phrase that is underlined in blue. Click on the word or phrase to see a definition or an explanation. ... Dandelions are good examples of opportunists.


English Literature and Composition Teacher's Guide

... 13 percent had been boosted with a successful AP experience in high school. 4 Although AP courses are not the only examples of rigorous ... I have paired The Great Gatsby from 1925 with Their Eyes ... they can slowly savor poetic passages and be sensitive to nuances of tone ...


Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Today's society places a premium on being able to get to the point, and there are many examples in daily work, family, ... the portions of the textbook or supplemental reading material that will be used in class and pick out a few sentences or passages that are difficult to comprehend.


Text-Based Writing 2006

Use examples from both passages in your essay. ... Paired Informative Text Considerations • Texts present both sides of an issue so the student can take or qualify and support a position on an issue Paired Persuasive Text Example: ...


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... (paired passages) organization of, 230 overall assessment, 230 potential points for, 228-230 essay 1 (poetry) ... 299 examples, 57 in nonfiction, 146 in "Sunset in the Tropics", ...


English Language Arts Grade 3 Fall 2006 Response to the ...

... 3 Released Items Fall 2006 MDE/MEAP RELEASED ITEMS Michigan Educational Assessment Program Rubric for the Response to the Paired Reading Selections Grades 3-8 Here is an explanation of what scorers think about as they score ... The position is developed with limited use of examples and details. ...


English Language, Literature, and Composition

Be sure to use at least THREE specifi c examples from the poem to support your points about MacNeice's use of imagery and diction. Snow The room was suddenly rich and the great bay-window was Spawning snow and pink roses against it Soundlessly collateral and incompatible: ...


Reading Fluency Chart

134 READING FLUENCY CHAPTER 9 VISIONS BASIC T eacher Resource Book • Copyright © Heinle Name Date Purpose: Shared reading helps students practice reading fluency by taking turns reading the different stanzas of the poem.


Language Arts Exit Expectations Sixth Grade

... and examples. (POS: ELA-6-R-3) I6D a. Identify supporting details and explain their importance in a passage. ... Identify informative and persuasive passages.


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