Examples Of Paired Passages

SPOTLIGHT on Paired Passages

1 What is the SPOTLIGHT series? The SPOTLIGHT series is a targeted-practice series that currently consists of three strands: SPOTLIGHT on Paired Passages , SPOTLIGHT on Revising and Editing, and SPOTLIGHT on Responding to Writing Prompts .


Research-Based Vocabulary

Paired passages are two selections on the same topic that require students to show that they ... Correlations with the IRA/NCTE Standards The preceding examples of content demonstrate the correlation of Ten EssentialVocabulary Strategies with the Standards of the International ...


TAKS Practice Reading Selections

•Questions 6 and 7 on page 220 ask students to use both of the passages in the paired selections. TAKS Practice Book Chapter 19 217 Name _____Date_____ Touring America ■ATravel Magazine May Issue The Wall If you visit Washington, D.C., this summer, be sure to allow time ...


Texas Education Agency 1-8 Correlation

C support interpretations or conclusions with examples drawn from text Using Text Excerpts 2.9. ... Texas Education Agency 1-8 TEKS and TAKS Standards Correlated to SPOTLIGHT on Paired Passages August 2007 8/14/07 CURRICULUM ASSOCIATES ...


Criterion-Referenced Test Framework

Bulleted descriptors are examples of specific knowledge or skills that may be included within each subskill. The subskills include knowledge and skills such as, ... P Paired passages.


Advanced Placement Language and Composition Structured ...

Microsoft Word - Structured tutorial paired passages Okefenokee. AP ... Some examples will be provided for you. Paired passages provide an excellent opportunity to practice the skills of rhetorical analysis.


Educator's Guide

These detailed descriptions and examples of selected-response and constructed-response questions are provided for educators as illustrations of the types of questions that will be found on the WKCE-CRT. ... Paired passages are grouped together in a single session; ...


Lesson 3: Strategies to Build Reading Fluency

With the student as your 'tutee', demonstrate the paired-reading strategy. At the end of the demonstration, ask whether students have any questions about how to do paired reading.


2011 Grade 6 New York English Language Arts Test Specifications

The listening section will be followed by the reading/writing section which will involve 2 paired passages followed by 4 short-response and 1 extended-response.


The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment

These items are actual examples of those used to assess student performance on the PSSA. ... The second and third passages are a paired set.


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