Example Fact And Opinion Statements

Fact or Opinion?

"Can You Believe It?!" Evaluating Web Source Information CASchwartz © 2002 Fact or Opinion? Do you know the difference? o A fact is a statement that can be proven true (or false) with some objective standard o The biology students are in Science Lab 3A.


Fact and Opinion

Be sure to remind students that each subject is used in two different calling card statements—one fact and one opinion. Level 2: If your students are ready for a challenge, you can simply read the statement directly. For example: "Peaches are fruit."


Fact, Inference, Opinion Do you know the difference?

... What are the major differences between statements of fact, and statements of inference? ... For example: "All ducks are violent." and "I think this duck is mean." are both opinions. Give three opinion statements based on the duck picture: 1.2.


Writing Fact and Opinion In Persuasive Writing

Procedures: • Discuss with students what an opinion is. Ask them to give examples of statements that are opinions that do not use the words, "I think.." For example, "Everyone knows that ... Have the groups work to differentiate fact from opinion and highlight statements that are opinions.


Student Handout: Unit 4 Lesson 2

b) The second part of that worksheet asks you to consider facts and opinions involving your own life and to write some factual statements and some opinion statements. For example , It may a fact that you grew up in a crowded neighbourhood, but it may be your opinion that your neighbourhood was an ...


Fact or Opinion?

Objectives: Students will be able to correctly identify statements that are facts and opinions. explain the difference between a fact and an opinion. ... For example: We read Weekly Reader in school. ( fact ) Weekly Reader is great. ( opinion ) Some apples are red.fact


Fact and Opinion - A factis a specific detail that is true ...

Fact and Opinion May 2009, G: ASC Eng/Read . NOTE: Many statements include both facts and opinions. The part of the sentence that includes a biased word may be an opinion about another part of the sentence that is a fact. Example: Even though actor Bruce Willis has a receding hairline, he is still ...


All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis

All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed in this study are those of the author. ... I am struck by how frequently Mr. Cooper—and others—refers to the example of medicine, especially internal medicine, which has much to ...



The class then works through three example statements - only two of which are obviously either fact or opinion. The third example should be identified by the students as a "grey area", one which would require judgement based on the context in which the phrase is originally found.


Fact Versus opinion

... SkillS: Fact Versus opinion ScholaStic Scope Fact Versus opinion Facts are true statements. opinions express someone's personal ideas, which others may agree or disagree with. Example: Fact: Millions of people have dogs as pets. opinion: Dogs make the best pets.


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