Journal of Agricultural&Food Industrial Organization

Fuel EthanolSubsidies and Farm Price Support Bruce Gardner Abstract Ethanol subsidies are well established in U.S. policy and have high priority in corn growers' political agenda.

Climate of Opportunity

RFA boARd oF diRectoRs Chuck Woodside, Chairman KAAPA ethanol, LLc Neill McKinstray, Vice Chairman the Andersons inc. Walter Wendland, Secretary Golden Grain energy, LLc Randall Doyal, Treasurer Al-corn clean Fuel ...

The History of Ethanol

The History of Ethanol Knowing where something is going can be hard unless one knows where it came from. Ethanol, much in the news as a “new” kind of energy actually has a long, and

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

The demand for ethanol as a gasoline substitute SorenT. Anderson a, b , c , n a Department of Economics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, United States b Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, United States c ...

The Brazilian Sugar Industry: Recent Developments

Introduction Brazilian sugar and ethanol are taking on considerable importance as negotiations of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) get underway.

U.S. Energy and Ethanol

Midwest Consortium for Biobased Products & Bioenergy The Dry Mill Ethanol Model The Dry Mill Ethanol Model •We have developed a descriptive engineering (process) model to incorporate a fair amount of detail on costs

ethanol fact sheet

Ethanol Fact Sheet Ethanol What it is and where it is used-• Ethanol is ethyl alcohol, a fuel produced from renewable resources. It is made mainly from corn but can also be made from wheat, barley, sorghum, sugarcane, etc. Current research is investigating the use of "cellulosic feedstocks ...

Composition and Behavior of Fuel Ethanol

EPA/600/R-09/037 | April 2009 | www. Composition and Behavior of Fuel Ethanol Ecosystems Research Division, Athens, GA 30605 National Exposure Research Laboratory Office of Research and Development

Ethanol from Biomass

Ethanol from Biomass What is Ethanol From Biomass? •A domestically produced liquid fuel from renewable, virtually inexhaustible domestic resources •A nonfossil transportation fuel that contributes little, if any, net carbon dioxide to the atmosphere during production and use •A high-octane ...

Ethanol Motor Fuel Storage Overview

ENVIRONMENTAL & REGULATORY SERVICES Storage Tank Regulation Section P. O. Box 7837 TDD #: (608) 264-8777 H:\Retail Section\Ethanol\Ethanol Motor Fuel Storage Overview.doc Program letter Revised September 2005 Ethanol Motor Fuel Storage ...

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