Trade name: Erkoflex 95

ERKODENT EC safety data sheet: Erkoflex 95 Status:16.11.2004 page 1 / 4 Trade name: Erkoflex 95 Safety data sheet in accordance with 91/155/EEC Date of printing : 16.11.2004 01.

Bleaching and fluoride trays (gingival dressing) Materials ...

Erkodent Erich Kopp GmbH - Siemensstr. 3 72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler - Germany phone +49 (0)7445-8501-0 - fax +49 (0)7445-2092 - Bleaching and fluoride trays (gingival dressing) Fabrication: • Recommendation: Erkoflex-bleach, 1.0 mm, also suitable, Erkoflex 1.5 ...

Materials & Accessories

Erkodent Erich Kopp GmbH - Siemensstr. 3 72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler - Germany phone +49 (0)7445-8501-0 - fax +49 (0)7445-2092 - Erkodur-S Playsafe light medium light-pro heavy-pro Sports-mouthguard Materials & Accessories Fabrication: • Erkoflex, flexible ...

Erkopress 300 Tp Erkopress 300 Tp-ci Instructions

erkoflex isofoil erkoflex isofoil erkoflex-95 erkoflex-bleach erkoflex-sv erkolen back please select: list of foils list of favor. input: new foil

Occlusal splints with and without adjusted occlusion ...

Imprint: Erkoflex-95, 4.0 mm Same procedure as step 22 to 24 , however, without degreasing. 31. Warm occlusal area with the hot air burner until it becomes clear and imprint the opposing bite, see also step 26.

Erkoform- 3d

Choose Erkodur Thumb list of foils ERKODUR 0,5 mm 0,6 mm 0,8 mm 1,0 mm 1,5 mm BACK ERKOFLEX + UNI-UZF ERKOFLEX-95 ERKOFLEX-BLEACH ERKOFLEX-SV ERKOLEN ERLKOLEN +UZF BRAUN* BACK 4.

Sports Mouthguard Technique

Step 1. Embed the model into the granules and thermoform the Erkoflex 2mm disc. Step 2. Allow the disc to cool completely, then remove from model. Use the special scissors to trim.


ERKOFLEX is a medical and food grade material and complies with all known International and European regulations. ERKOFLEX does not contain any Latex.

OCCLUFORM-3: Installation and application

Insulate the models with colourless insulating compound (Isolac, 624 050) (only when using soft foils, for ex. Erkoflex). Now thermoform according to the Erkoform-3d operating instructions.


ERKOFLEX Sv Brown for protection against x rays 585 810 Erkoflex-Sv Brown 120mm Diameter 1.00mm 5 23.68 585 830 Erkoflex-Sv Brown 120mm Diameter 3.00mm 5 53.38 585 850 Erkoflex-Sv Brown 120mm Diameter 5.00mm 5 85.79 ERKOFLEX ...

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