Tips for Embroidering on Leather, Suede, and Faux Leather and ...

There is more area around a design with a larger hoop and this can cause "flagging" (lifting of the leather/suede with the needle as you embroider) resulting in skipped stitches or poor stitch quality.


Embroidering on Fleece

All types of designs embroider well on fleece -- solid fills, sheer fills, even line work like redwork or toile. If you have a type of fleece that is exceptionally fuzzy with a high pile, then you can use a topping to hold down the stitches as you embroider.


Embroidering on Sweatshirts

Embroider the design. Because we're using cutaway stabilizer, all of the stitches are going to line up perfectly. And because the fabric is hooped with the stabilizer, there will be no puckering, no design sections misaligned --picture-perfect results.


Embroidering on a Baseball Cap

This will enable you to embroider, without catching the band in the embroidery. 2. 3. Place the hoop on a table with the top of the hoop to the left.


Wholesale Registration Form

Wholesale Registration Form Embroider This! Wholesale www.wholesale-linens.com 35 Loring Drive Phone 800-881-8144 Framingham, MA 01702 Fax ...


2912 Embroider with Free Motion

1 2912 Embroider with Free Motion With Eric Drexler Sue Hausmann and Eric Drexler Sewing Supplies: • Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine • Husqvarna Viking Open Toe Spring Foot #413037646 • Sulky Soft and Sheer Lightweight Cut Away Stabilizer • Sulky Tear Away Stabilizer • Sulky Solvy ...


Embroidered Umbrella Project

Embroidered Umbrella Project by Mary Jane Allen [email protected] © Perfect Little Stitches, March, 2006 If you embroider the edge of an umbrella, it may leak at the edges.


©Embroidering QT Pie Stick Figures on Sweaters

Watch closely as color # 1 embroiders and when you embroider the outer circle of the body, stop the machine and trim away any excess tubing, leaving only 1/8" inside the body.


Embroidering with Specialty Frames

"Embroidering with Specialty Frames" Baby Lock's specialty frames were designed to allow you to easily embroider hard-to-hoop items. The following projects are just a few of the endless items you can embroider with designs and custom logos to offer to your customers.



EMBROIDER THIS! WWW.EMBROIDERTHIS.COM Creating a Personalized VINYL CHECKBOOK COVER INSERT PROJECT #1 The Vinyl Checkbook Cover (item 64-7460) from Embroider This !


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