Elementary Art Rubrics

Elementary Art Project Rubric

Elementary Art Rubric Students Name: _____Grade: _____ Date: _____ This project shows that the student: 1. followed directions.


Art Rubrics Kindergarten

Art Rubrics Kindergarten Developing use of color and visual representation 4 Develops own appropriate images; uses color in thoughtful ways 3 Creates visually recognizable images 2 Sometimes creates visually recognizable images 1 Images not clearly defined Developing control of tools and media 4 ...


Rubric for Evaluating Art Project

Sharon J. West, Killearn Lakes Elementary School, Leon County Schools, Tallahassee, FL, June 5, 2001 Rubric for Evaluating Art Project To be successful a student must achieve at least 75% (3 or 4 points) 1 point Selects characteristics that are not important and don't lead to insightful ...



For example, in the following portion of an elementary science rubric, the criteria are 1) observations ... Empowering Students The art of negotiable contracting consists of giving students shared ownership ... PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT: RUBRICS 115 4: Above Standard  Relaxed but confident posture/movement ...



Copyright Centerville Elementary School 2008 1 LANGUAGE ARTS RUBRIC - FIRST GRADE READING Essential Standard: Uses Letter Sound knowledge to decode Standards Addressed: 7.4 : Demonstrate understanding of the various features of written English: • know the order of the letters in the alphabet; ...



MATH RUBRIC - SECOND GRADE 6 - EXCEPTIONAL • Complete understanding of the problem • Demonstrates thinking by using clear diagrams, charts, tables, or graphs, etc. • Excellent explanation ; communicates ideas clearly • Unusual insight - Shows and explains problem in a non-traditional way ...


Elementary Art

Students will grow conceptually in art technique and skills as they progress through elementary art class from first to fifth grade. ... Assessment may include the use of rubrics, tests, portfolios, self-assessments, critiques, and exhibits.


Designing Scoring Rubrics for Your Classroom

Designing Scoring Rubrics for Your Classroom Craig A. Mertler, Ph.D. Division of Educational Foundations & Inquiry College of Education & Human ... Example 1: Subject — Mathematics Grade Level(s) — Upper Elementary Mr. Harris, a fourth grade teacher, is planning a unit on the topic of data ...


Maine HOUSSE Rubrics and Worksheets

... 14--04 Maine Content Knowledge Rubrics ... Elementary teachers need 100 points on one rubric across the four elementary content areas: reading/language art, mathematics, science, and social studies.


Teaching Students to Use Grading Rubrics

Types of Rubrics Analytic Rubrics • Separates pieces of an activity individually and then adds all scores for a total rating Is more process oriented Holistic Rubrics Rates an activity in its entirety without regard to the separate pieces Is more product oriented Is used when the components of an ...


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