Organization of stratification, turbulence, and veering in ...

Organization of stratification, turbulence, and veering in bottom Ekman layers A. Perlin, 1 J. N. Moum, 1 J. M. Klymak, 1,2 M. D. Levine, 1 T. Boyd, 1 and P. M. Kosro 1 Received 3August 2004; revised 17 November 2006; accepted 7 December 2006; published 24 May 2007.


Approach-Withdrawal and Cerebral Asymmetry: Emotional ...

Ekman, P., Friesen, W. V., & Simons, R. C. (1985). Isthe startle reaction an emotion? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,, 49, 14 i 6-1426.


Effective Depth of Ekman Layer. 2

Effective Depth of Ekman Layer. Defining γ = p f/2K, we derived the solution u = u g (1−e −γz cosγz) v = u g e −γz sinγz corresponding to the Ekman spiral. 2


Facial Action Coding System

Facial Action Coding System and The Observer XT Facial expressions are behaviors which are very difficult to measure objectively. Ekman and Friesen [1] have developed the Facial Action Coding System for exactly this purpose.


Notes on Wind Stress Forcing of the Ocean

The Ekman transport may be calculated by balancing the wind stress force with the Coriolis force due to ocean velocity integrated over the Ekman layer, E o x fV ρ-= τ, E o y fU ρ = τ where ρ o is the density of seawater, τ x and τ y are the wind stresses in zonal and meridional directions, and dz u U E z E ∫ = 0, dz v V E z E ...


Lab # _____ - Wind Driven Ocean Circulation and Ocean Gyres

Objective: • Compare gyres of the northern and southern hemisphere • List factors that are responsible for the formation ocean gyres Materials: ESRT and Transparencies 1, 2 and 3 Time: 1 Period Vocabulary: Prevailing winds: Ekman transport: Ocean gyre: Procedure: PART A - NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN 1.


Detecting Lies in Children and Adults

Law HumBehav (2006) 30:1-10 DOI 10.1007/s10979-006-9031-2 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Detecting Lies in Children and Adults RobinS. Edelstein·Tanya L. Luten·Paul Ekman· GailS.


General / Scope

USGBC consultant's primary author: Rand Ekman USGBC staff review point person(s): 2) I am in the early stages of a project for which the client would like to pursue LEED Certification.


The Facial Expression Coding System (FACES): A Users Guide

Second, while the Ekman and Friesen systems have been the pacesetters for studying facial expression of emotion, they are not without cost. It takes a great deal of time to train coders to use the system accurately and reliably (Ekman (1982) estimated approximately 100 hours were needed for training).


Facial Expressions

In Dalgleish, T., & Power, M. (1999). Handbook of Cognition and Emotion. New York: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Chapter 16 Facial Expressions Paul Ekman University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA INTRODUCTION The argument about whether facial expressions of emotion are universal or culture ...


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