JCB 515-40 Compact Telehandler Effer 2200 Knuckleboom Crane

LiFT 36 and l November-December 2010 The JCB 515-40 compact telehandler from JCB, Savannah, Ga., is the most compact and maneuverable machine the company has produced.



The lenght of the hoses is such as to allow the positioning of the valve block at 2 mt. from the case base. EFFER TECHNICAL, COMMERCIAL STAFF IS AVAILABLE FOR ANY REQUEST FOR STRUCTURAL CHECKS OR


Effer-Soda™ Sodium Bicarbonate

TECHNICAL BULLETIN Effer-Soda ™ Sodium Bicarbonate Effer-Soda Sodium Bicarbonate is a highly stable powder used in effervescent tablet and powder formulations.


Description: Effer-K® 10mEq and 20 mEq Tablets (Effervescent ...

Description: Effer-K ® 10mEq and 20 mEq Tablets (Effervescent Potassium Bicarbonate/ Citric Acid Tablets for Oral Solution, USP) are intended for the preparation of an oral solution of potassium.


Effer-K® Sample Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Effer-K (potassium bicarbonate/ citric acid effervescent tablets for oral solution). Effer-K is an inexpensive, well tolerated potassium tablet that effervesces in cold water or juice to provide a palatable dose of liquid potassium citrate.



Effer-C ® Hypoallergenic, buffered Vitamin C DESCRIPTION Effer-C ®, provided by Douglas Laboratories ®, contains corn-free vitamin C, specially buffered with calcium, magnesium, and potassium.


Crane technology Effer crans for trucks or trailers

Crane technology Effer crans for trucks or trailers In our facility in Bruchsal we install cranes from EFFER an Italian crane supplier on demand of our customers according to their specifications on trucks or trailers.


Product range Effer marine cranes

Technical description • Design according to EN 12999 (DIN 15018) / classification HC1-S1 (H1-B3) • Full fabricated construction with high-grade steel S690 and S 890 • All steel components shot-blasted and protected with a zinc primer • Marine painting cycle • Rack and pinion slewing ...


Presentation new model

8S 20.96 m Hydraulic outreach 8S EFFER 655 20,96m FASSIF660AXP 20,60m PALFINGERPK60002 Per. 20,30m Data by competitors literature


2S 3S 4S

DE6H001USA_0-230902 62 Max. hydraulic outreach Slewing arc Slewing moment Working pressure Recommended oil delivery Oil tank capacity Weight of the standard crane (± 2%) Max. lifting moment (+25°) 370 5530 4061 5,3 13 1S 2S 3S 4S ft lb*ft degrees lb*ft p.s.i. gpm gal. lb 18' 1'' 23' 11'' 29 ...


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