14kt White Gold Birthstones

14kt White Gold. Pricing and availability subject to change. 14kt White Gold Birthstones January* $ 44 50 3mm crystal garnet February* $ 44 50 3mm crystal amethyst March* $ 44 50 3mm crystal light sapphire April* $ 44 50 3mm CZ May* $ 44 50 3mm crystal emerald June* $ 44 50 3mm crystal tanzanite ...


Holiday Mlg - DIY Earring Projects, Instruction - 2 Snowmen ...

DIY Holiday '09 Projects Crystal Snowman Earrings Pearl Snowman Earrings Components CRYSTALLIZED TM - Swarovski Elements Qty. 5601 4mm Jet 2 3128 8mm Jet 2 5000 6mm Crystal 2 5000 8mm Crystal 2 5000 10mm Crystal 2 77504 P13000 4mm Siam or Emerald Rondelle 2 Other components: Silver Earwires 2 ...


The Learning Circle

The Learning Circle By Loren Woerpel, Noc Bay Publishing, Inc. PORKY QUILL EARRINGS Porcupine quills were used by Native people of the Great Lakes area as decorating materials long before the introduction of seed beads by the European traders.


The Missing Earring by Faith J. Cormier

Name: _____ The Missing Earring by Faith J. Cormier Mary found an earring. Whose earring is it? Is it Aunt June's earring? No. Aunt June's earrings are silver.


Learn to Make Unique Beaded Earrings with Free eBook from ...

For Immediate Release Learn to Make Unique Beaded Earrings with Free eBook from Beading Daily New eBook, How to Make Earrings: 5 Free Jewelry Projects , offers great projects for all skill levels—from beginners to experienced enthusiasts Loveland, Colo., July 10, 2009: Fashionistas and jewelry ...


101 Wire Earrings

Contact: Jaime Guthals (502) 243-6834 Cell: (502) 387-2383 [email protected] Publication: July 2009 101 Wire Earrings Step-by-Step Projects & Techniques Denise Peck "I want them.


Should MEN Wear Earrings?

Should MEN Wear Earrings? Page—2— The Wearing Of Earrings (and other jewelry) Introduction In days gone by, our society accepted only females wearing earrings.


Welcome to Silver Messages Jewelry at http://www ...

Wire and Lever Back Earrings are measured from the point where they connect to the wire down to the bottom of the earring. So if we say a pair of French Wire earrings are 3 inches long, that means they measure 3 inches from the point where they connect to the French Wire down to the bottom edge.


earrings: 2 strand amethyst /Swarovski crystal

Magic Live & Silent Auction 2007 1. Cocktail Ring: cubic zirconium ring with imitation gold finish. Apx. size 6. 2. Amethyst with Crystal, necklace-bracelet-earrings: 2 strand amethyst /Swarovski crystal necklace, bracelet and earrings.


EARRINGS $11.00 If you have them from last year you will not ...

April Dance Newsletter Dance EXPLOSION . 2011 RECITAL INFO: REMINDER All Costumes have arrived . We are excited to see how cute they look! Minor alterations may need to be


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