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www.macktrucks.com Mack Trucks, Inc., Allentown, Pennsylvania AI-460 • High Torque ECONODYNE ™ Diesel Engine • Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation (IEGR) •Maximum Horsepower 460 BHP[343 kW] •Electronic Unit Pump Fuel Injection with Rate Shaping • V-MACIII Total Vehicle Electronics ...


Mack® Engine Parts and Components

News at Endurance • Mack ® engine parts • Caterpillar ® C15 engine kits • Cummins ® oil pumps and oil coolers • Connecting rods ... Parts and Components July 2007 Your Heavy Duty Parts Source (800) 467-5545 Endurance Power offers replacement parts for Mack engines. Engine range coverage includes: ♦ E7 E ...


Mack® ASET™Engines

Mack ® ASET ™ Engines Keeping highway vehicles productive. The right engine for the right job. Mack ® has always made sure everything we designed and built was right for the job.


Installation Manual

INSTALLATION MANUAL TECBRAKE T680A & T680B ENGINE BRAKES FOR MACK 6 CYLINDER, 4 VALVE HEAD E6 & E7 SERIES ENGINES SECTION 1- INTRODUCTION The TecBrake T680A and T680B engine brakes may be installed on Mack model E6 and E7 six cylinder, four valve head engines.


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Mack E7; 12.0L 6 Diesel Cylinder PLN, E-Tech Stroke Bore4.875 6.500 ENGINE KITS ERK-8031-001 Inframe kit 1 PLN, Early upgrade from 1-pc piston to 2-pc piston with current sleeve, EPA-8087 piston Also includes update piston cooling nozzles ERK-8033-001 Inframe kit 1 PLN, 2-pc piston 16.9:1 CR, current sleeve, EPA-8085 ...


Mack Trucks Class 8 Service Bulletin Listing

... Specs for 1996 Certified E7-355/380 V-MAC® II Maxicruise Engines 3/19/1996 SB210018 Engine Oil Analysis — Soot, Total Base Number (TBN) and Nickel (Ni) Specifications 3/16/2005 SB210019 Specs for 1996 Certified E7-310/330 V-MAC® II Maxicruise Engines 3/29/1996 SB210020 Mack EO-L Plus Diesel Engine Oil ...


Torque Specifications

... run eng, loosen 1/4 caterpillar2.5 153 44 ft/lbs nuts - use new 75-90 ft/lbs special procedure see comments box in final assembly * caterpillar2.7 163 g1600 31-35 ft/lbs 55-60 ft/lbs 60-65 ft/lbs caterpillar3.9 236 75 ft/lbs silver nuts, 95 ft/lbs dull black nuts 150 ft/lbs 30-35,65-70,95-100 ft/lbs, -->run engine, ...



SB214019 — Page 1 of 7 SERVICE PUBLICATIONS, ALLENTOWN, PA 18105 ©MACK TRUCKS, INC. 2005 SERVICE ... Being Replaced (May be with or without an "X" at the end of the Part No.) 631GC5173MX E-Tech™ E7-427 ... E-Tech™ CCRS Engines ASET™ Engines To determine the proper replacement turbocharger, find the engine ...


FEATURES Peak HP (kW) @ RPM ...

InfoMax PC Fleet Management Software www.macktrucks.com Mack Trucks, Inc., Allentown, Pennsylvania V-MACIVSAFETY AND SECURITY FEATURES ... • Variable Geometry Turbocharger • Extended Service Intervals • MACK PowerLeash Engine Brake ENGINE PERFORMANCE



... Mack E6 2VH Part # N57GC376Kit* Mack E6 4VH Part # N57GC373AKit* Mack E9 ( 400-525 hp) Part # N57GC375AKit* Mack E9 ( 400-525 hp) Part # A215SB204 Mack E7 ... Muzzle Loader Overhaul Kits Remanufactured Muzzle Loader Overhaul Kits Mack Engine Overhaul Kits Mack Engine Overhaul Kits Genuine Parts Genuine Parts Mack Engine ...


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